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[Locked] Reach Servers Down

OP O2ConsumingMale

My friend and I we're playing Reach today when the servers suddenly stopped working. We could only play Campaign and Costum Games (maybe firefight would have worked, we didn't try playing it) and is still true now. Is anyone else experiencing this or are our XBox's/internet acting up? In case anyone's wondering, our servers are usually NA East but sometimes changes to NA West (don't know a lot about how the servers work, but it may have something to do with it).
The servers fluctuate a lot due to maintenance because of how old they are
They'll be up again in some hours' time; sometimes it's longer than that
There appears to be some issues with Reach at the moment including matchmaking services and the ability to pull information / stats from your profile. 343 are aware and are currently investigating. As we have multiple topics open for this I'm re-directing to a central topic that can be used to keep track of things: