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Reach Servers Laggy

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Is anyone else experiencing laggy servers? The past like, 4 slayer games for me have been extremely laggy.
They have for me as well even tho I haven't been playing as much reach as I used to I noticed it, it's probably something wrong with the servers if so 343 fix it please.
Is anyone else experiencing laggy servers? The past like, 4 slayer games for me have been extremely laggy.
The past like, 9 months have been laggy and/or configure improperly with players being booted randomly for me.
Today I played Reach online for the first time in weeks with a static party of 14 players from across North America. We were on for over 4 hours playing maps from all the DLC and performance was excellent. I tried about 30 minutes of regular Matchmaking too and performance was fine as well.
I've also noticed this, I believe that the servers are just unmaintained.
Ever since the server issues started last year, VERY laggy matches have become pretty common.
This was happening to me today too
BORO 12345 wrote:
This was happening to me today too
It’s been happening for the last 8 months now. 343 has almost entirely ignored this and pretty much refuses to respond to us in regards to when this will be rectified. We last heard from them in late May, they said it was going to be repaired for good, but whatever they did lasted a day then immediately reverted to its previous state of unplayability.
The problem is that the servers were no doubt reduced in quality and Reach is peer hosted. You want to not have a super laggy game? Have a good host record and hope that nobody else pulls host over you that has bad internet. Halo Reach really doesn't care about who has a better connection but strongly prefers who has a better host record. You worsen your host record by quitting games and there's no real way to improve it without using a modded xbox to reset your KV codes (which is not allowed by microsoft).

Just a tip to those that don't know: to check if you have host there's a few ways. In a matchmade lobby you see teams before other people, when you spawn in your bloom reset, a body moves if you melee it.
The Xbox 360 servers have had issues for quite some time. It doesn't surprise me that lag is becoming an issue again. Sadly, the Xbox 360 servers are under Microsoft control meaning 343 has little to no influence on fixing server issues.