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Recon SURG isn't worth it

OP Franubis5504

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if it is something someone enjoys going for it is totally worth it
Btw, does anybody know how many kills are required for Master?
I believe it was 500 kills just like the plasmas grenades.I forgot what it was but it is NOT 1000.
I have no problem getting the plasma pistol commendation. :) In just like less than two weeks I've gotten between 500-600 kills in regicide. I average 15-20 kills every game with the plasma pistol.
You just have 3 kills with PP...
Cool, i got a few new stripes on my helmet for busting my *yoink* and getting over 1,000 kills with a plasma pistol.


IMO none of the commendation helmets are worth it, the only one i like is the Infiltrator TRAC for finishing the multikill commendation. Even when I get it I'm still going to use Raider.
I'm on the final level of mastery right now. 200 more kills and I never have to look at the blob catapault ever again.

For anyone who was wondering, the PP ranks go like so:
1. 5
2. 10
3. 25
4. 50
5. 100
6. 250
7. 500

= a grand total of 940 kills
Can you tell me how long it took you to get all those kills and what gametypes you recommend? I'm going for protector drift so yeah...
I am currently on 5 out of 7 and have 28 kills out of 100, I cannot wait to have it out of the way, cannot remember how many I have done for the plasma grenades but I know I'm doing pretty well, and I haven't been using the other 2 weapons unless the PP runs out of ammo, haven't boosted any at all so I am pretty proud of how far I've come so far, a few friends and myself did some slayer last week sometime, all of us using only the PP and its actually pretty good when you have a full team using them, got more kills with it then I normally do plus we won the match. :)
I like the PP on H4!
Finished it about a month ago. Got my SURG.

Averaged 12 PP kills a game I'd say, at best 18 at worst 4-6.

NEAT TRICK! If you shoot someone with two little PP blobs then melee them, they will be exactly 1 blob away from death. :)

Can you tell me how long it took you to get all those kills and what gametypes you recommend? I'm going for protector drift so yeah...
The entire commendation was done in regicide.


Because it's easier to pick off targets when they're both:
A. in a free for all, so they're shooting each other for you.

B. gunning primarily for the king. Use this to your advantage and killing sprees are possible.

With promethian vision on, you can take out sword campers just by backpedaling and smashing the right trigger with your hand furiously. I'd say it worked 6/10 times. come i have unlocked...
I'm sure they made those commendations with the idea that kids would play longer to earn the armor instead of full-party boosting.
Nevermind :(
Fiesta Slayer! Hell yeah!
That would be so fun, not knowing what you would get next time you spawn. Maybe Action Sack as well? I loved that.
You can just farm commendations with a party? That is total bs. Ive been working so hard on the covenant weapons just to find out that you can just cheat for it. I remember when halo was for skilled gamers....
That assumption kinda got all shot to hell when visible ranks were removed.
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