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Reflecting on 10 Years of Halo 3

OP ske7ch

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Man, where do I even begin? So many great memories...

I think the one that sticks out the most is my older brother, his friends and I trying to do the ring puzzle for the IWBYD Skull waaaay back. I remember we confused which side was the start and end point, so we ended up starting the puzzle on the side where Truth dies xD
Prob like 30 tries later my brother's friend suggested to do it the other way around, so we ran back and did the puzzle the right way and got our skull and Hayabusa.
Needless to say there were a lot of funny and salty things said that day, some that I can't post here but it was a really fun memory.

Happy 10 Years to the best Xbox game ever created!
I can't pick a favorite memory because Halo 3 and Halo as a whole are such a big part of me. I would need a novel just to tell my Halo 3 memories alone. But, I think that through the eyes of all of us in the Halo community who were there, witnessing Halo at its absolute highest is something we'll never forget.

Also, falling down in my stairs as I was running so fast to get back to my 360 when I received an invitation from Bungie to play the beta early. I didn't need my legs to play anyway.

Happy Birthday Halo 3.
My fondest memory about H3 was my first match, which if i recall correctly was Slayer on Guardians, nearly 7 years ago
My second most fond memory was playing the campaign on co-op either with my brother or my cousins.
I miss back then, how things were simpler
This has been the go-to game for my friend group and I since 2008 and it was also the sole purpose that I even got an Xbox 360. Still bust out a couple Xbox 360s for LAN whenever friends are over and play the hell out of Halo 3! This game has created some great memories and I'm sure it'll still be making more for many years to come!
Halo 3 brought me here today. Halo series was the one that influenced me the most, but Halo 3 was probably the one that made me jump. Not my favourite at all, but I was so desperate to finish the Master Chief journey that after 4 years (2011) I conviced myself that I had to buy Xbox 360, cause the game would never come to PC. I actually started with Halo: Reach and Halo CEA, but eventually got Halo 3 and I remember I was so scared, because of the Flood and Gravemind (oh, that poet!...).

Halo 3 made me buy a Xbox 360. One of my best decisions ever. I just couldn't stay on without playing all the Halo games that came out till 2011. Halo CE and 2 were the only ones on PC... Today, all my friends are from Xbox Live. I have so many hours in the Halo games. I had so many good times, so many laughs, so many wonderfull moments.

How it influenced my life? I am a painter since I was 11 and the games and soudtracks inspired me so much, that I painted some sci-fi pictures (and I will continue). I painted to the sound of one of the most inspiring, powerfull and misterious soundtracks. I created a group on Facebook for Xbox fans in Portugal, and we just launched a website last friday, 22nd Sept. Thanks to Xbox 360, I was presented to wonderfull games and community. I made my jump to Xbox One withouth hesitating. Today, I live with my wonderfull partner, which I met via Xbox Live. Still only few more than 2 years together, but we are happy and we can't wait to share a lifetime together and present Halo, Gears and so many other things to our future children. If they ever come, they will come thanks to Halo (and Xbox, and the people who created Halo and Xbox). On my partner's side, he is probably here today because of Gears of War.

To me, it was always Halo. Funny how things turn out with simple things that make our simple choices more important than we could ever imagine.
Today I'm amazed it's been 10 years since Halo 3 was launched, but at the same time sad that Halo 3: Anniversary is probably not a thing. Loved Halo CEA, was madly in love about Halo MCC (Halo 2 Anniversary is beautiful!) and the only thing I needed was a Halo 3 Anniversary. So we could all finish the fight once again. That's the thing about Halo. After years of playing, it never ceases to amaze us and giving us wonderfull moments, and I can't wait to share future moments with my friends, my husband and my future family. Thank you
Picking up the game with my friends beside me was the best feeling ever back at midnight launch, I knew that day would be greatly remembered 10 years later, and here we all are.
Halo 3 was the game that introduced me to Xbox LIVE and online console multiplayer. With Halo CE and 2 behind me as my first experiences with Halo, it was 3 that blew the doors wide open. I skipped 2's campaign for 3, but played through 2 later on. Tons of late night multiplayer sessions, all those MLG tournaments, etc, etc. My gosh it was amazing. And Halo 3 is the game that first made me consider becoming a game designer of some sort. So basically it influenced not only how I thought about games, but my life path of now wanting to write game stories. It's done a lot for me. And that's why I think very highly of it. Its rare for me to consider a game of its stature my favorite game ever, and it still is.
Until the day comes for a new #1 favorite, Halo 3 remains where its at.
Not necessarily with the game, but I begged my mom to drive me to the local Borders bookstore so I could buy the Halo 3 OST. Even though it was close to 8pm she agreed to drive me there. She even let me listen to it during the car ride home!
Halo 3 was my first venture onto Xbox Live, back in 2009, incredible to think you could still find a great and competitive game on social slayer a year and a half after the game came out.
Halo 3 was my initial introduction to the video game world as a whole (asides from the someodd games of mario), and I can say with faith it remains my favorite game in many aspects. Now that it's backward compat. it'll be able to receive a lot more attention from me, and I'm so happy due to that.
I'm getting old!
Sept 25, 2007: I fondly remember racing to the store to get Halo 3, and a supply of Game Fuel. The story, characters, multiplayer, forge, and theater mode were unparalleled at the time. Theater mode especially, gave content creators an invaluable tool to tell their own stories. Yet, what I will remember the most are the hilarious moments doing tricks and glitches with friends.

Because of Halo, I have made life-long friendships, and countless memories... I'll never forget.
Halo 3 was my second Halo game, after Halo 2, and the first Halo that I bought with my money. It was the beginning of the rising of my Halo collection, that's growing every single month of my life 'cause Halo is my life.
My college newspaper made this video for the 10th anniversary if you want to include it in the blog post.
Can't believe it's been a decade since this game came out. I practically grew up playing this franchise, starting with Halo CE at the age of 6 I knew I was in for a ride with this series. I remember so eagerly waiting to finish the fight with this trilogy and and make some more memories with friends and boy did I. I remember I was 10 years old staying after school for something in 4th grade and I was so bummed out because I had been so hyped up for halo 3 it was ridiculous. I had watched all the ads and commercials for it so many times over and over in preparation for the launch. I remember coming out school and there my dad was ready to pick me up. Little did I know he had the limited edition in the car with him, man was I ecstatic! I couldn't keep my eyes off the art and all of the contents inside it and when I finally popped it in my 360 and heard that menu music I was overjoyed. A few months later I exchanged the limited for the legendary edition.I remember we were at an EB games and saw it on a shelf and he was like "wow I didn't know that was what it came with." when I first told him about it he thought it was a small key chain helmet.. not a full sized replica lol we went in the next day or so to exchange it :)

I remember calling my best friend and talking to him on the phone while we figured out how to invite each other to lobby's. it's funny, before him and I figured out how party's or mics worked we'd just use our phones to talk while we played together lol. And it was that same with who came over to my place to watch me finish the fight and our reactions to hearing cortana call chief John, was shock lol. Even though I had read all of books up until that point it just surprised me for some reason lol! But I remember all the stupid things we'd do for fun like betray the marines at the beginning of crows nest to see how long we could survive against all of them on legendary or if we could wipe them out. That, alongside the turning Johnson into a flood and glitching out of the first the level were regular things we did alongside all of the classic custom games and game modes with stuff jenga and fat kid, as well as all the races. And who could forget the vid masters! I had just completed them when ODST came out so I had to do the one for that one as well but I was so proud to finally be able to don that recon armor with pride. I think in the short span of a year I had maxed out my friends list because of how many awesome people I met through matchmaking. And maybe it was because I was a talkative kid back then but that social aspect of gaming for me on that level just hasn't happened since! I particularly remember running into people online then playing campaign to go on a search for skulls because they knew where they were and how to get them. But most of all making screenshots and maps and then file sharing them. Overall the experience I had playing halo 3 with my friends is one of the best parts of my childhood.

It was just a fun game to come home to when school life didn't go so well, I was at a pretty low point in life in the next year or so at school after It's release so being able to get on and have fun with my friends on a game I loved was something special to me. It helped me get through some of those tougher times, I had switched schools around that point so the only way I really stayed in touch with all my old friends was through there. Anyways, not to get too mushy or personal but playing that game with friends helped me through a lot and I'll never forget that.
Soooo... It’s been 10 years... Could we maaaaaaybe have permanent flaming helmets now? :) :) :)

On a serious note, Halo 3 was a first of many for me. My first serious investment in a multiplayer game, my first ARG, my first ability to easily make maps and game modes where I could create new experiences that normally wouldn’t be in a game like Halo, my first tear shed in a video game ending and so much more. This game is what pushed me to start to learn programming for video games so I could one day work on a title just like it. I played with a dude named JonnyOThan (gamertag) on Xbox Live several times. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s been a sandbox engineer and designer at Bungie since about 2006. I had a one on one chat with him about what sort of steps one should take to make it in the industry and what I should learn ahead of time. He helped kickstart my push into the game development world.

Halo 3 also brought people who I didn’t like or who didn’t like me together. One of my best friends was a kid in my middle school who, just before Halo 3 came out, was an absolute enemy of mine. We hated each other whenever we saw each other. Then one day Halo was brought up in conversation by a mutual friend of ours. We found out we actually had something in common. One thing led to another and we ended up playing Halo regularly. Sure enough I just texted him about an hour ago asking if he’d wanna hop on tonight with a few of my friends from high school and he’s all for it.

Halo 3 made so many unbelievable and wonderful memories for me inside and outside of the game. The IRIS ARG was one of the first time I could feel a sense of community where people as crazy about the story and about puzzle solving as I was were all in one big group trying to solve riddles and find out more about the Halo lore. Some of those people are still friends of mine to this day and have helped me in my professional and personal journeys.

I owe a lot to the team at Bungie from 2001-2007 for making this game a reality and for putting such love into the community to help it blossom. I’d be posting this on there if their servers weren’t down for maintenance right now. Anyhow, this game single-handedly changed my life and so many other peope’s. I will definitely be taking the day to reminisce on my first midnight release, the people I’ve met and the lessons I’ve learned because of this game.

I will always Believe in the Master Chief.

P.S. I mean... it has been 10 years... That’s quite a while to go without that wonderful flaming chest piece. <3
Everyday I would come home from school after hours of verbal abuse to Halo 3. Despite being xbox, they were all so kind and nice to me. I remember playing custom games, big team slayer, and forging with close friends that I still hold near and dear to this day. Truly I was never happier than when I was playing Halo 3, and so, I owe it allot.
Halo 3 is the best :') i remember the countless hours i spent in Forge, creating my own personal HQ and bases. And enjoying the campaign and multiplayer. Ah those were special times. And i love the Halo community just as much now as i did back then.
Halo 3 was the game that got me really into Halo. My first was CE but I wasn't on board until my cousin ask me if I want to play Halo 3 campaign co-op with him and I said yes. First time playing in the first mission randomly screwing around randomly picking up, randomly shooting and duel wielding whatever weapons I come across. I still remember how amazed am I when I first got my chance to drive the Scorpion tank in The Ark and how scared I was when I first encountered the Flood.

Then, there was multiplayer, eating random set of chips while drinking soda playing mostly infection, slayer, juggernaut and rocket slayer. I still remember flying the Banshee aimlessly shooting and flying towards the ground hoping I can run over someone and getting frustrated real bad because of it.

Oh yeah, anyone remember what the community did shortly after the release of Halo 3?

Good times I'll never forget and let go thanks cousin.
Dang it's been this long? I got halo 3 with halo reach at GameStop on halo reach's launch day. Even though reach was newer, halo 3 was the game all my friends and I would come over and play on a Friday after school. Now, sometimes I'll boot up my good ol' 360 and play halo 3 LASO campaign with my friend all night( we never get past "The Ark"). Even though there is no anniversary game, it'll still be one of the greatest games in my cabinet. And I still don't haz recon.
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