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Spartan Ops Glitch (Hunting Trip)

OP Zayah117

On the Spartan Ops mission Hunting Trip (episode 3) there is an annoying glitch that is happening. Me and my buddy have been trying to finish all of the Spartan Ops missions on Legendary and on this mission there is a sniper elite that gets stuck in the map and we can't kill him. He spawns on the cliff and then I guess he sinks in.

We tried twice (on legendary) but the same thing happened. It's annoying you have to kill all the enemies in the level to win but we can't. I anyone else experiencing this?
Yes alot of people have been dealing with this even me. On my 2nd play through I just kept pushing the right side of the map since it seems like the elite get stuck down in a sink hole to the left.

Hope this helps.
This happened to me as well. I had to find a specific spot shoot him from (on top of a large boulder close to the entrance of the right side of the rock quarry). I hit him with a few rounds from the BR and he fell through the map, triggering the end of the mission.

If this doesn't work, you can use rockets to try and knock him out of his hole, or possibly kill him. Pretty annoying, though.
I had this problem also, I used lemon cup's boulder to shoot him initially, but then I had to use the boulder nest to to covenant deployable tower. He then fell though the map and triggered the end of the mission. Thanks Lemon :D
Thats why you kill him/them when they are getting dropped off.
If he's the last one, then ouch. Otherwise, I think he'll eventually fall to his death.
Using a mounted turret I destroyed one of the phantoms, and another come in. I then waited quietly until they'd kill me. This was necessary because I was out of grenades, and there was no way to kill myself to re-spawn with fresh grenades. I also shot the turrets off the phantoms, before the elite got stuck, so there were no way they'd kill me, or a way to die or get grenades. So all this was necessary. I then got close to the elite, up until I could hear him threatening me, and where I could see a part of his weapon waving in the air from time to time as he was moving"?" around. I could never see him or his head. Then I threw the two grenades where I thought he was stuck, then somehow he got unstuck, and was shooting me. At that time I could see him on the cliff, and he was jumping around. Then I headshot him. At the end he stuck me with a plasma grenade, but not before I killed him. Best death I ever had.
Glad the TU didn't fix this...
This is so annoying. That damn Elite was so far stuck in the wall I couldn't do anything. Grenades, rockets, concussion rifle, shooting and also punching at different spots from different positions. Nothing helped. He didn't even move an inch.
He was the very last enemy. I even destroyed all Phantoms, they don't spawn infinitely. After you destroyed the first two another 2-3 will spawn but after that it's over.
Thought I could maybe trigger the cutscene if I destroy them myself. ... BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN!!!!
Most annoying thing about it I was playing on Legendary and made it with 0 deaths (perfect playthrough) just to find out I had to deal with hardest end boss ever.
The Never Patched Glitch.
Thx for leaving this behind.
I had the exact same thing happen to me. Wasted a good 10-15 minutes trying to throw grenades/concussion stuff up there- I thought the Elite was *behind* the rocks D:
And yeah, Beam Rifle eventually worked for me. Also had an extremely small area to shoot.
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didn't know that was a thing
I ran into the same issue and found a way to die and respawn with some grenades. You need to find a spot on the covenant portable shields where you shoot yourself.

Here is a video demonstrating how to die with 0 grenades and 1 stuck enemy. In case the video expires you shoot yourself with the help of a few portable covenant shields.

Here is a video trying to unstuck the guy in the rock.

I managed to unstuck the elite finally with a frag grenade. In between the clips of the following video the elite walks out of the rock after he gets hit with a frag grenade then he walks right back into it.
I encountered the glitch as well. However, while trying to kill the stuck enemy, I turned my back to it for literally a split second, and it was gone when I looked back. Judging by the other replies, I'd say it just fell down on its own somehow.
Just ran into this glitch yesterday and I had to restart. It sucks, but I'm glad it didn't happen to me on my legendary spartan ops playthrough because that would be absolutely annoying to deal with.