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Spartan Ops Lag?

OP Garm of Fenrir

i'm not sure who all else is experiencing this. but basically every spartan ops game i go into online, whether via matchmaking or with friends, it always lags terribly. now before anyone says its my connection, i have played a lot of MP and do not have the lag issue. i only have it in Spartan Ops and sometimes in Co-op campaign. so im not sure what the issue is
im having the same problem when i play with friends its fine but when i play online with other people i lag and its limited cuz it gets me killed all the time.
Craaaazy lag. Game freezes, I line up headshots, and just lol.
Yeah Co-op and Spartan ops I sometimes have crazy lag, I just did an op which normally takes 6 mins no deaths, 14 minutes 14 deaths EACH. It is ridiculous.
same. was doing some Legendary to help a friend get the challenge and every time i would go to get an assassination i'd lag past them and die... we ended up with over 50 deaths (lol yeah it was that bad) at the end of it
It has been like this since Halo 3.
Bungie Never fixed it. i dont think its even fixable.
It rely's on the Host's Connection. im guessing you need like AAA connection(AMAZING CONNECTION) for Spartan Ops or Co-Op.
maybe, but i've never had that kind of issue before with any Halo game (as i've played all of them). it seems to me that it might be because there's 50 grunts 80 elites 100 jackles 90 hunters (lol) on the map all at once that it just bogs down the console itself or something like that
I am also having lag issues only in Spartan Ops.
I believe this is due to the spartan ops running on the single player engine, this engine is not equipped to handle lag. That was the problem in reach but it could be another problem now.
Still having issues here, they will fix it at some point the game is fairly new. These type of issues are common but hopefully they are tracking it and in the proccess of coming up with a patch
I do have a AAA internet connection and play with someone who has a AAA internet connection and it is still in playable. I mean both of us are at 30 Mbps down and 7 Mbps up, 0 packet loss and a ping around 25ms, it starts off OK but after a few minutes it lags to the point of completely freezing at times. Things like this will probably not be fixed til after they come back from the holiday, which is the problem with releasing AAA games right before Christmas.