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Spartan Strike/Assault Mobile -Compatible devices?

OP GrantPocalypse

I just bought a Lumia 735 phone off Ebay for the sole purpose of getting the spartan game achievements, arrived in the mail today and I boot it up and the store app wont open, put in error code online and it says I need to update to W10 mobile, ok

have to hook phone to PC in order to update it, get that all done and the store app works, but now it says device incompatible..

does anyone know why this is? The phone should be compatible.

Also i just saw a thread on here that says the iOS versions are no longer available in the apple app store. Is this true? I've never owned an apple device so I can't check, but I was planning on buying an old used ipad to get those achievements as well.

Basically i am trying to find out what device i can get that WILL work, or preferably a workaround so the 735 will work. And if I should bother with the apple versions.
Check the Microsoft Store app in the phone for possible system updates. The minimum requirements to play both games is 2 GB free space and hardware with at least 512 MB ram, so you shouldn't have any issues.
On iOS side, seems like you can only play them if you previously purchased them.
Hey OP, sorry to be the bearer of bad new but the app store and most support for Windows Phone 8.1 ended in December of last year.

The good news is that the 735 is on the list of compatible devices to get the update to Windows 10. If it's not working you might need to reach out to Microsoft support or check over on Windows Central for help on how to upgrade.
thanks for the replies, kind of a relief that the ios version is gone. I get to continue my streak of never owning an apple product.

the 735 did not end up being compatible with the game but I found a lumia 650 that does work!