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The Cartographer Expansion Pack

OP NeverGonnaBeMLG

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Seriously, I'd buy it in a heart beat if something like this is made.
The Cartographer Expansion Pack is a Forge map DLC that I came up with, here are the things included


Magma - Set on an active volcano with snow and ice surrounding it. (Forerunner and Covenant objects.)

Beachfront - Set near the coast of New Mombasa. (Human objects and area to remake Zanzibar.)

Dunes - Set in a desert with an oasis. (Sandbox type objects and an area to remake Sandtrap and Sandbox)

Tropical - Set on a tropical island with a beautiful sunset in the background. (Forerunner Objects)

Flatgrounds - Set on a completely flat square shaped terrain piece with different biomes on each corner (All objects and tons of terrain objects to pretty much make your own terrain.)

Icarus - Floating island inside of Requiem with one of those Forerunner pillar things on each side of the island you can also see the crashed infinity from the island (Forerunner objects)

Poseidon - Underwater UNSC facility. (UNSC and Covenant objects)

Wetlands - Swamp area much like 343 Guilty Spark (Forerunner objects and a place to remake Backwash it's also raining in this map)


The Mammoth (sized down)
Ammo Cases
Civilian Vehicles (to go with the map Beachfront)
Crashed Vehicles
Dead Bodies (To practice teabagging)

Please tell me what you think and post your own ideas!
How many microsoft points is that cause I would gladly pay for it without a second thought.
I'd guess like every other DLC it would be 1200 but II SHABUTIE II suggested that it come out one map at a time every month or so and be free so that everyone could have the maps.
This sounds like a great idea, and I would definitely like to see some different terrains with a variety of building types.

I would also love to see a version of the Mammoth in Matchmaking, to re-live some of those great games of Big Team Battle games of CTF with Elephants!

The idea about releasing a map each month would be awesome, to be anxious to see what 343i rolls out each few weeks. Maybe we need a new map every once in a while too, just like how Cold Storage in Halo 3 was a nice refresher, even though it was only one map.

Overall, the amount of variation between each map and its surroundings would be a great way to see more combinations of climates and buildings to be used online :D
I'd be happy with just "Flat Grounds"
OP updated with the map Toxic and Destructible Objects. :D
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