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The History of Noble Team

OP HesitantHawk387

Carter-A259:Born on a planet I don't know how to spell in 2520, Carter was only 6 when he escaped the planet from the Covenant glassing it.Before being classified as a refugee, ONI were told about his biometrics and sychological screening, making him the perfect Spartan 3, and entered the program.During his training in Onyx, his unique abilities were exposed, and Kurt and Mendez(Mendez trained John 117) said Carter was way too valuable to be sent on any suicide mission.He was then put in command of a specialized fireteam, with Spartans from Alpha Company. This team was later transfered under the UGCC to port the army forces. And then some time later, Carter was transfered to Noble Team and was it's leader until it's demise in 2552.

Kat-B320:Born on New Harmony in 2530 in a military family, Daddy was killed in action on Harvest, and Mommy had poor old cancer.She was raised by her army general grandmother, who died by the Covenant attacking New Harmony.Kat was abducted into Beta Company.Like the rest of Noble Team, She was highlighted for her unique skills, specifically in technology, and was marked for special assignments once her spartan stuff was complete,and was almost removed form Beta Company by Kurt and Mendez, before being assigned to Noble Team when it was formed.As a part of Noble Team, she planned the battle of Funeral, where she wanted to plant a bomb in a Covenant Corvette cruiser and blow up the planet's capitol. The mission was successful, but at the cost of Kat's right arm, and the first Noble Six, sacrificing himself to complete the mission.

Jun-A266:Still, born on New Harmony in 2524, was 7 when he joined the Spartan 3 program.Jun was taken to the Foreigner Shield World of Onyx and trained by Kurt and Mendez in Alpha Company.Here his unique skills were uncovered.In 2536, he went through the Spartan surgery, which didn't end well. He was almost crippled due to complications, but recovered and graduated Spartan Training.Jun was then under the authority of the UNSC Special Forces, then proved to be a great sniper, which made him a XXXXXXXXXX, working under ONI's commands. He mostly spent his time assasinating Insurrectionist leaders. After becoming a Warrant Officer,Jun was transfered to Noble Team, acting as the team scout.

Emile-A239:Born in another planet I can't spell in 2523, his parents were killed by Insurrectionists.He was raised by his brother until his planet was glassed(again), and then joined the Spartan 3 Program in Alpha Company.He exelled in his training for his love of killing the Covenant, and removed when he graduated to be used for special missions requiring highly skilled Spartans.Some time later, he joined Noble Team.There was another Spartan closely tied to his position in Noble Team, Rosenda-A344(lucky for Emile, Rosenda didn't replace him).

Jorge-052:Born in 2511 on Reach,he was abducted at the age of 6 to be a Spartan 2. He was trained by Mendez and the AI Deja.He was then transfered from the Navy Special Forces Branch, which was where most Spartan 2's were at the Special Warfare Group, then assigned to Noble Team.Some think Dr.Halsey lied when she said 3 Spartan 2's have been killed, and 1 heavily wounded, as a way to hide Jorge's reassignment.

XXX-B312(Noble 6):Born in XXXX on XXXX, XXX showed extreme promise from early age, and was picked out for Beta Company by Mendez, where XXX became a assasin(and possible XXXXXXXXXX) after graduating and was under direct orders from ONI.XXX earned a reputation for being a lone wolf responsible for entire terrorist organizations to disappear.XXX then joined Noble Team as a replacement for the first Noble 6.
Wow very informative thank you.
Who was the former Noble 6 member? Before XXX-B312.
Who was the former Noble 6 member? Before XXX-B312.
Thom-A293. He died on the same mission Kat-B320 lost her arm.