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This game was beautiful

OP spartan5379

I've never posted on the reach forums before, but I had a bit of nostalgia hit me earlier and I felt like posting my thoughts. I know reach is one of the more controversial halos because it was the first game to move away from classic gameplay, and I understand why people would not enjoy the game because of that. I would just like to say I'm not saying reach is the best, it's just my favorite next to halo 3 and I would like to shed some light on why it is. So back in early 2014 when I first created this profile, spartan5379, I started playing reach and that was the first online experience I ever had. I had been introduced to halo 2 through my cousin when I was 5 or 6, and I had acquired halo 3 sometime around the ages of 8-9, so I had been playing campaign for a long time. When halo 4 came out I had already owned reach for a year or so, and I had preordered halo 4, so I was a big fan as of this time. But I had only played campaign, firefight, and other offline modes, so when I first played online it was on reach because even though I owned halo 4, I just loved reach. I have a lot of thanks to give to this game and halo 3 as well, because I would be a completely different person without them. I have a very regretful story about how this account can't play reach anymore because of my save getting corrupted, but that's not important. So in conclusion, I would like to here all of your stories about reach and how you feel about the game 7 years later.
Well my cousin introduced me to Halo 2 when I was about 8-10 years old, it was an eye opener for me as I only owned Nintendo consoles at the time. When I was 16 my neighbors gave me their old 360 with a copy of Halo 3, and I loved it all. About a year and a half later my parents got me Reach for christmas, and they gave it to me early, they'd leave one present in my room while I was sleeping. I woke up opened the box and it was Reach! I immediately turned on my 360 and popped it in, and played it till dawn. The Forge to me is the second best in the franchise only behind Halo 2 Anniversary (for giving us WAAAYY more natural pieces to work with), and I spend most of time still playing Reach's Forge and Firefight modes. Reach was and still is my best Halo experience, and honestly I like AAs they add a new dimension of gameplay, except for armor lock, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!! But yes Reach in my eyes will always be the most enjoyable game of the series for it's creative freedom and players choice playstyles.
Reach is what got me back into Halo. When I was younger I went over a friends house to play CE and absolutely loved the game, even bought the PC copy. Around H2s launch he moved away and I didn't own a Vista, so as time went on I gradually forgot about it until about 9 years later when a friend I had recently made owned a 360. The first time I went over we played Reach non-stop. The very next week I went and got a 360 with a copy of Reach, despite me already owning a PS3. I can't even begin to describe how much time I've put into that game (that's all offline too, only ever played about 2 hrs online). Definately one of my favourites.
Reach was one of the most beautiful games in my opinion. Still my favorite halo of all time
I couldn't agree more with this. The dynamics and gameplay of Reach just felt so good! And even though it was tragic that almost every member of NOBLE died, at least their sacrifices weren't totally for nothing. They might not have saved Reach, but they prevented a greater number of Covenant forces from gaining access to Earth - the few that followed the Pillar of Autumn were all but wiped by the Master Chief at Installation 04, and that was one of the Covenant's greater fleets - and Cortana was successfully delivered to the PoA before it took off. They gave their lives...but their courage runs on. Not to mention but to this day, the graphics still look really, really amazing. For a game that came out in 2010, with the better still (graphics-wise) Halo 4 coming out only two years later....even today, the graphics are I mean look at the armour on everything. Not to mention the varying Elite armours (super pretty!) that you see in-game, and can unlock to use.
It was damn perfect
Reach was one of the most beautiful games in my opinion. Still my favorite halo of all time
It's a favorite and certainly the best looking Bungie-Era Halo game
Reach's bullet detection was amazing. I loved the mechanics. It was ruined by the TU update though. I really wish 343 would just remove the TU update on everything.