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To Spartan strike players

OP BigBadBull05

What makes you play Spartan strike? I don’t see it to be that fun (I only played one mission then got off) so what makes you play it
I liked it because it was yet another way to experience the Halo universe. Twin-stick shooters are more laid back and Spartan Strike (and Assault) are no different. Game was different to play compared to the mainline FPS games, but it still felt familiar. Lastly, the game itself was made well. Controls felt tight, enemies responded properly, levels played out as they should, etc. I had a few issues with achievements and game crashes that I was not impressed by, however. Problems the developers should have fixed became my headache to resolve.
Personally I just enjoyed it and thought it was a fun little game. I had already played Spartan Assault, so I knew what to expect, but even if I didn't I would've went into it with the thought process of this is a mobile game, not the new flagship Xbox exclusive. If it was a full price game my opinion would've been different.