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Vidmaster Achievments Deja vu and Endure!

OP TMR Funknfritz

Hey anyone wants to do these achievments send me a friend request.
my gt is my name here Funknfritz.
So i hope we can do this and thanks in the advance.
Hey, Im always happy to help as I have it all now. The xbox page is giving me fits at the moment (Im on my laptop), so feel free to add me.

GT: SquareRigged
I can help with Deja vu if someone will help me with Endure
I can add one or two (if my brother wants to join in) to a Deja Vu + Endure party on Saturday (got capped satellite on weekdays).
I can help with Endure and Deja Vu. just add me to your friends's list. I'm open open all week
hey ill be glad to help add me
gt avcusa2000
Ill help you with both add me
Gt avcusa2000
guys,looking to do one of these tomorrow 3pm gmt...10am est...anyone free at that time to help out? thx much. GT: Dabuck74
Looking to possibly do one of the Vidmaster's Sunday (10/7/2012) at around 10PM EST/9 PM CST......currently planning on being online at that time.......

I don't want to host because I don't think my internet connection is strong enough to host, just add me and send me an invite....Hopefully my connection is good enough in general to do this, hoping to get these.