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Ello, I've just thought of a weapon idea and figured I'd tell you guys here. If you want you can come up with your own unique weapon ideas!
Maybe one day 343 will look at this for inspiration.
I noticed how the needler weapons are terrible against vehicles. So what if we had the "Needle Launcher".
A giant pink needle encased in a tube that shoots like a rocket launcher. If you shoot a player then it's insta-kill and the Needle stays within the body of the Spartan.
If you shoot a vehicle it either completely destroys it or critically harms it, especially if the Needle explodes. I was thinking the needle itself doesn't explode on it's own, but rather by shooting or throwing a nade at the needle for a big explosion.
What are your thoughts?
If I'm understanding you right, this sounds like a sort of Covenant version of the Sticky Detonator, but with alternative ways to make the payload explode. Visually I think this could be a great weapon, especially if there's lots of enemies standing around when it explodes. Pink mist everywhere.