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Weekly Challenge: what is a set?

OP xx 96 TEARS xx

Is anybody else having trouble getting the weekly? Not only because other players are quitting mid game but I got matched up with a random player via MM (thanks El Sergio) and we must have played for 3 hours together but I got nothing. WTF??? It will not even show progress, i.e. 1 set out of 4 etc. Please reply if you can explain what a set is. Thanx.
I've read that challenge about completing 4 sets of Firefight.

It's talking ,IMO, about completing 4 sets in Firefight Co-Op, not Firefight Matchmaking, I havent cked this out yet as I havent been able to get anybody for a Firefight Co-op match,

Have played several Firefight Matchmaking games the last few days all the way through and finishing the bonus round and have not gotten that challenge yet, so thats why I came to that conclusion
in the main menu, choose Firefight, not file shares for a gametype 1,000,000 points in 10 minutes or Endure: the return....complete as per challenge instructions and there you go.//
anyone looking to get this one done, send me a friend request, will be happy to help...
mssg me i've already done it and have the fastest method to do the weekly ,been doing it with my friends to help them out .let me help you out it only take 15 min with a full party of 4