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Weekly Challengers Unite - Multiplayer Edition

OP Mr Vociferous

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We can use this thread for Multiplayer and Firefight team-ups, in case you'd rather not foot it alone.

This week's Challenge is in Firefight and it's for a cool 3,000 cR.

Complete 50 Rounds of Firefight in Matchmaking.

If you'd like co-op partners to make this Challenge a team effort, post here! Feel free to use this thread for all Challenges, both Weekly and Daily.
I'm down for teaming-up on that Firefight Weekly Challenge, if anyone else is.

Gamertag: Ninja Orca
Definitely looking for some good players!

GT: ODSTyler

Yeh i will join, right now im trying to get the 30 assists and the 50 games done,

my GT is:

I'm Game.
GT: Dark Infinity 1
Definitely down for this. Every time I play a firefight match, one player always leaves, then another, and then the other! I don't get it, I mean, I'm not THAT bad! Haha, I'm totally down to play though :)
GT = eekalyssa
Lets FireFight. Message me if you see me online. GT: L1GHT3NSTRIKE
I really enjoy the co-op stuff in Reach. GT is MakeshiftChef
Add me:

Would like to get some great people to play with

GT: ElderguardUS
I'm in.

GT: A Boofus
GT: Aidens Dad
I'm in

GT: hellspawn127
I'm in because I need decent teammates

GT: Castiel V 97
If you have a mic, then I'm in.

GT; HFIM Evolution
Jeez, I need to start this. 50 games is a lot!
So, who all still hasn't finished this, and needs to get together at some point to work through it?
I try and get the daily achievements done, and i could use some people to get them. I have friends that try and get them with me also. be looking for a invite from ClaYI3oRnE !!
This week's Weekly Challenge is going to be a tough one:

Complete all of the Daily Challenges for a given day.

Posting this here because it'll likely involve a good number of hours work in both Matchmaking and Firefight, but it could also bleed into Campaign as well. If you want help at mercilessly attacking this Challenge, post here!
Pretty easy daily challenges today, so I would suggest doing it now.

Firefight for the 50 Shotgun kills, will count towards your 100 in Firefight MM (3 Score Attacks should do it)

Campaign Challenge
, Open rally Point A on Exodus (Normal) and use the DMR on the Grunts you first encounter. The 10 you need to kill, cna carry over so don't worry about death.

And then just get 77 kills in MM. This will get you the Weekly Challenge of getting all the daily challenges, in the space of say, 3 hours.
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