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OP GrimBrother One

Welcome to the Halo: Reach Forum! You are ready to defy the Covenant and make your last stand on one of humanity's final strongholds. You want to share your war stories. You've come to the right place. Here are some handy tips that will help you get the most out of your stay here.

What's on the menu?

The Halo: Reach forum is for discussion about the various features, aspects, news and details of the Halo: Reach game.

Should I discuss Halo: Reach story here?

While this will certainly be a place where you can discuss the story as it pertains to this particular title, don't forget that we also have a great Halo Universe Forum that is specifically geared toward discussing the Halo story as a whole. You might want to consider discussing the Halo: Reach story there, especially if the discussion is spanning other games/books/comics/etc.

Look at my jaw-dropping Halo: Reach Forge Map!!! Try it if you dare!

While I'm sure people here will appreciate it, you would probably be better served to place it in our Community Creations Forum, where the minds run wild and the methane tanks are always full! Again, this particular forum is for discussing the Halo: Reach game. Discussions regarding other titles should be directed to their appropriate game-specific forum. Things like general discussion should go in, well... you get the picture.

What if I have an issue and/or passionate opinion with the Halo: Reach multiplayer? Not that anyone would have anything to complain about of course, but hypothetically speaking...

While you can certainly discuss the nuances of the Halo: Reach multiplayer experience in this very forum, you might also want to try the Matchmaking Forums for a potentially more direct and more accurate discussion, especially if it involves comparing and contrasting the multiplayer/matchmaking aspects of other Halo titles as well.

The open waters of the internet are a scary place. I don't want to charge into battle alone... HELP ME!

Sounds like you could use to stop over at the Recruiting Forum! There you can gather up Spartans for your carefully-coordinated strike! There you should find everything you need to find your Battle Bro on the go.

Lemme guess, there are rules?

Correct, my good friend! This forum, like all the others on Halo Waypoint, fall under the general FORUM RULES guidelines. In general though, we want to foster an atmosphere of informative and enlightening discussion, where fans of all experience and knowledge levels can come and talk about this universe we love so much. Feeling overly aggressive? Go shoot a Brute! You keep it clean, we don't get mean. <3

Enjoy your stay!