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What if Spartan Assault/Strike were a hacknslash?

OP Qwerty polopus

Wild idea, but I was recently think about what a mod for Halo: Spartan Assault and/or Strike would look like if you turned the game from a simple isometric shooter into an action roleplaying hack and slash similar to Diablo for example. Might be interesting? I would play it, and maybe they could recycle a lot of the work they did with those games.
If 343 tries to turn Halo into a hack n slash game here's some names for the game they can pick "God of Halo", "Halo May Cry" or "Halo Gaiden" lol
Would need to be its own game spin off and probably series. I could see it being done eventually though, perhaps by playing an arbiter or a chieftan or something known for its CQB and melee prowess
Yeah, I know there have been some wild attempts at Halo spin-offs including Halo Titan, the cancelled WoW-like MMO (which we may see very subtle traces of in Infinite), but as the hacknslash genre grows, it's probably the best way to do a third person top-down game, short of just an RTS. Or I suppose they could try to make a turn-based tactics game ala Gears Tactics - That would be interesting lol.