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What is everyones favourite armour set in halo 4?


I just wanted to see what everyones favourite armour set in halo 4 is. Mine is warmaster because the visor on the helmet has a skull engraved into it which makes it look menacing. The armour as a whole has areas that look sleek and areas that look bulky which gives it a nice contrast to other armour sets.
I’d have to say Air Assault
I love the Warrior armour. I think it's one of the best in the series. Simple but effective. I'm also a big fan of the Scanner and Strider helmets.
My favorite is ranger, or rouge. I also like cio alot.
RECON or RECRUIT, honestly. Both their helmets look good, and the rest of the plating overall is an easy-on-the-eyes, yet bad-yoink aesthetic.
Definitely the Mark V Gen 2. The helmet looks menacing, the ammo pouch makes you look like you're meant for war, and it's just sleek. :)
I love the Venator BYNT
Mark VI & Mark V, it’s hard to choose one set but I always wear Mark VI cause you get it from playing Halo 4 on Legendary
Mine is the combination I always use.
For more details:
  • Recruit Helmet.
  • Aviator Chestplate.
  • Air Assault shoulder pads.
  • XV-27 Shifting forearms.
  • LG-50 Bulk Legs.
  • Legendary Visor
Air Assault all the way.
I like the scanner helmet
Mark V Helmet with Prefect everything else
scout armor
Full Mark VI set. Always loved wearing Mark VI, so I naturally completed the campaign on Legendary and earned it. Never took that set off ever since.
Full Mark VI set with the full white color and black visor.
I personally like the Mark V and the ODST Armor.
Deadeye :)