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what was wrong about spartan ops?

OP ShockChaos50

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repetitive as hell.
These are the problems I had with spartan ops.
  • Repetitive missions that seemed to last a long time.
  • A cliff hanger at the end that is pretty much dropped (unless you read the comics which I do not) when I started Halo 5 and found Dr. Halsey and jul, after jul is killed I'm left wondering where is the janus key is.
  • I was kind of hoping for ingame cutscenes with Fireteam Crimson with our own armou like we did with Halo: Reach.
Maybe it was the fact that some missions had repetitive objectives or locations. I still don't pay much attention to it. I love Spartan Ops since it makes my Spartan character to be part of the main canon storyline :D
The simple fact that the story wasn't finished by the end. It was getting interesting with the prospect of visiting the Absolute Record, but then it pretty much just...stopped. Then you were forced to buy Halo Escalation to get the rest of the story. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoyed reading Escalation, but to cut the ending and then put it in another media format was kind of jarring
They were way to repetitive and I feel they could make it a lot better with some more effort
i dont know why some people hate spartan ops while others does, i personally think it was a good idea, what went wrong?
I loved Spartan Ops, though it did get pretty repetitive early on; but what did annoy me is that we, as a Fire Team just stopped seeming important at some point. It went from a friendly competition between Crimson and Majestic to this side storyline about Halsey and Majestic. We were just some back line soldiers that were just thrown at the missions with no real purpose other than 'we're a Fire Team that was prepped and ready for drop' basically.
I've been replaying Ops, and while it does get repetitive, I still think it's pretty fun.
I liked spartan ops
I mean to me it was ok but I'm the type of person to just shoot and destroy things.
but from the normal radio chatter lots of things are left unexplained like 'Why does the covenant want this thing?' or 'why do I need to stop this event?' most of it is explained in cutscenes but those don't even load for me.
personally I prefer the easter egg dialogue from the special radios.
another thing is as everyone else says it's repetitive eg: do X, go to Y, destroy Z, do it again. kill X, go to Y, destroy Z.
--------------Unrelated to topic----------------------
(the only reason I play it because it has a good xp output)
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