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Which game has the best story?

OP Count FooFoo

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I think halo 3 did and reach was my favorite game, halo 3 just had the whole finish the fight thing nailed in my opinion. And the rescue of Cortana mixed with the team up with the arbiter really hit things home for the game.
Best stories (plural) are Reach & ODST . The Master Chief stories are good but not as good nor as fun to play as Reach and ODST. Having said that however, Halo 4 Spartan Ops is very good and should have been continued.
Very unpopular opinion but I like it, spartan ops wasn’t continued because it didn’t get much attention.
Halo: Combat Evolved simply because that's where the entire series started for us. Yes, Halo Reach is the prequel but everything started at HCE for us.
Eighter Reach or Halo 2. The only problem with Halo 2 was that it was so long.
Halo 2 for sure. CE was the start but 2 expanded on the universe with alternate perspective of the Arbiter and the Covenant Civil War
For me personaly it‘s Halo CE. I‘ve read read the books „Fall of Reach“ and the other one that actually tells the story of CE. With the knowledge of these two the story feels so much more EPIC.

Edit: I‘ve just read a couple of other oppinions and when not restricted to mainline story my absolute favorite is ODST. It‘s almost a bit mystical when you roam around in the city and find dead Elits laying in the corners. Wasn‘t that much of an ODST fan before the game. Those guys seemed kinda like knuckleheads to me. That‘s why I love the main protagonist in the game because he‘s the quiet type.
Reach and ODST where best because of their atmosphere of being real I think.
It’s so hard to choose. I love so many. I guess Halo 3, then ODST.
I thought halo reach had the best story but I haven’t played it in a long time so my opinion can change when I come back to it.
Halo 2 for sure man, had a good foundation from CE, really enjoyed how the 2 different perspectives of MC and the Arbiter tied into the final parts
The narrative was crystal clear and you knew exactly how and why one mission was tied to the next, I could probably explain the entire story of Halo 2 in detail even after not having played it in more than a decade just because it was that structurally sound.
Creative use of storytelling techniques, one of those being the contrast between MC's ceremony and the Arbiter's trial
I can't fully put it into words, it was just a lot more coherent and creative than other installments.
As much as I love Halo 3, I think 2’s story has to take the win.
I'd say 3,2,1, then Reach.
Which game has the best story?
While i personally prefer the Halo 3 story i think Halo 2 and 4 have the best. The characters in those games are mostly amazing.
Halo 3: ODST
Halo 4 hands down best story . Plenty of other stuff to dislike about it but the story is just so so good .
I don't know whether or not I consider its story to be my favorite because that's extremely tough for me to choose, but I really like the story direction that Halo: 5 is taking. What I like in particular about Halo: 5's narrative was finally diving into the sentience of humanity's smart AI, as seen with Cortana and the Created. I'm fond of stories that explore this kind of narrative like Fallout 4, Bladerunner, Star Trek: The Next Generation, etc. Halo has already briefly touched upon these topics in the expanded universe back in 2007 when the franchise was still owned by Bungie. I can remember the AI, Sif and Mack, from Halo: Contact Harvest in particular. But I'm happy they're bringing this topic to the foreground.
Heresy! Halo 5's narrative sucks! It has all of the necessary ingredients for a great story, I'll grant you that, but the structure of the narrative is absolutely atrocious. When the next Halo game is released, the weight of your heresy shall stain your game controller, and you shall be left behind.

Also, for me, it's a tie between Halo: Reach and Halo 2, although I'll give a slight edge to Halo 2, as the Arbiter's character development throughout the story and his parallels and contrasts with the Master Chief at the beginning and toward the end were masterfully written.
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