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Which Halo Game Do You Think Is Overrated?

OP HankyJake07

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Which Halo Game Do You Think Is Overrated? Mine Would Be Combat Evolved, Since I Never Loved The Gameplay.
Unpopular opinion no doubt, but for me it's Halo 3, in particular the multiplayer. I just never found it that fun compared to other titles.
I'd have to say 5. Flip side, I'd say odst is the most underrated.
I’d say halo 2 (please don’t hurt me) I’m not sure what it is, I just always preferred halo CE and halo 3.
H3 is super overrated. And H5 is hands down the most underrated Halo, and one of the most underrated FPS in the last 10 years.
ODST feels the most underrated, close with Halo 5 (probably due to being Xclusive). Halo 3 always felt super overrated, its multiplayer in particular.
To me, both Halo 3 and Halo: Reach are overrated. I understand that most of H3's love goes to the multiplayer, and I really love its multiplayer and campaign, but Reach's multiplayer just doesn't seem all that revolutionary to me. I struggle to see why it's the most popular to this day. I also find Halo 2 a bit overrated.
The most underrated, both campaign and multiplayer? Halo 3: ODST. ODST is one of the best but doesn't get very much mainstream attention. As for CE, I have mixed opinions on both the campaign and the multiplayer; both have so many flaws but are still fun.
Shylogik wrote:
I’d say halo 2 (please don’t hurt me) I’m not sure what it is, I just always preferred halo CE and halo 3.
For the original trilogy I agree. The writing of H2 was great but beyond that things were admittedly rushed in some pretty obvious ways. The maps were also good though admittedly so it wasn't all bad.
I’d say halo 2 or halo 4 cuz halo 2 is a big fan favorite an I personally don’t like the weapons at all in that game good story though an halo 4 felt like cod to me 🤷‍♂️
Halo ce is overrated in my opinion
None. I think they were received pretty appropriately. I like all of them, to varying degrees.
I like that Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 2 Anniversary are the most over rated games.
Halo wars series lol
Halo Reach’s Multiplayer
halo 3 multiplayer kinda still fun tho , and halo ce just in general but also still rlly gud is just ppl r insane overnostalgic

idkk again like ce very gud and h3 multiplayer is very gud and h3 has best campaign isnjjst idk
Combat Evolved. CE has so much recycling going on, it is shocking to go back to. I know they were limited with their resources back then, it still sucks to play through. Multiplayer is great on the other hand.
I'm gonna have to throw it out there and say Reach but for "numbered" games I'd go with CE. while it's still a great game and I love it a lot, 20 whole years have done a number on it and it doesn't have that shine that most Halo games have anymore.
- Halo 2's campaign isn't that bad, in 2004 maybe the ending was catastrophic, but now, when you can instantaneously jump to Halo 3, it's not that big problem. I found myself thinking that Reach's campaign is overrated, but that's not true. I mean, if you put 5 deaths in one game, at least make it a bit longer, so players can feel the character and get a better feeling of who they are. But after all, I think that Reach has got some great campaign, when you think a little bit, it's got everything we needed. Halo:CE was classic! This game can not be overrated, maybe a bit, but not on high level. By my opinion, old Halo CE cutscenes are graphically way better than Halo 2's. I don't like Halo 2 cutscene lighting at all, and cutscenes themselves look a bit laggy. Halo 3 is perfect, on top with Halo Reach. Halo 4 is a bit underrated game, I mean it died to soon. It's not that bad game, gameplay was not that good, but story was good enough to forget about how terrible gameplay was.
- My opinion: Every Halo game is on it's spot, rated well enough, and I think that none of then were ever overrated.
halo wars and 2
Halo 3 for sure
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