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In my opinion, I found Noble 6's death the saddest, Kat and Emile's death were kind of a joke to me
6's death was sad, but he went out like a total bad a$$, Emile too, though he should've seen it coming, Kat's death was the worst event in the entire game, but I would say Jorge's death got me the most he was my favorite, and he just straight up sacrificed himself, and we all saw Carters death coming so it was the coolest to me, using the pelican to take out a scarab, awesomeness. And Jun actually made it off the planet alive I believe with Dr. Halsey.
jorge I have to say
his last lines really got me
Dare I say Kat? It was the most unexpected and told a very real combat truth, never let your guard down.
Jorge death really got to me.

Kat death really upset me but that is how combat goes. The rest went out like badass So did Jorge.
Emile went down good, what with a energy sword stabbed through him, but it was kind of quick and he should've noticed
Noble 6's
Jorge's was the worst in my opinion.
Totally Emile's he did what he had to do and he fought until his last breath. He's awsome.
I'm gonna go with Jorge.

You can tell that he and Noble 6 were close and he pushes 6 out of the Corvette and all you can see is the Covenant Carrier destroyed, he was always my favourite.

"Tell them to make it count."

After hearing those lines, my heart sank.
For me Six didn't die, he was just MIA, Kat's death was just boring, Jorge kinda hit me hard but I was still okay, Carter was actually pretty sad for me though, but Emile's death was just to badA$$!
Jorges death was sad mostly because his sacrifice wound up for nothing. They blew up two ships right before the arrival of thousands."
at least he died thinking he saved the planet."
Emile. He was my favorite, a do-or-die figure. A true warrior.
Jorge, his sacrifice its very sad and emotional,
Probably Jorge
Noble 6 .. Die all alone
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