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[Locked] Who's death was the saddest?

OP razzula

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Why isn't the original noble six as an option?
Here is a link for the clip.
rip thom thanks for the nostalgia fin i loved that commercial/trailer
I voted Carter, but you've all made compelling reasons for other choices. Having read all the books(Even the newest ones, which are really good. Post war stuff if u were on the fence about Broken Circle which isn't technically post war but u know, Hunters in the Dark or Last Light, give em a try if you haven't already), Reach is a bit of an oddball. So obviously I just based it on the game itself, I found Carter sad because he was our Squad leader and given the way the Spartans look to John especially, but Fred and other S.Leaders also, that was a tough loss. I found Kat bad just because well, she's a girl and was so helpful and capable with everything they encountered. Okay they are all sad is my final choice I suppose, lol.
Larson wrote:
Jorge no doubt
this :D
I say Emile. Seeing your last companion die before you gave you the feeling that you truly were alone, and left me wondering if I was really gonna make it.
Carter but it was badass as hell
I am surprised people voted for Kat, I was happy when she died, she was rather annoying in my opinion. Anyway for me it was Jorge.
Jorge, his sacrifice to save Reach was all for nothing.
Kat. She was just so vulnerable and it was such a big surprise.
For some reason I say Kat. It was a surprise for me to see a Spartan go down like that.
Noble 6
Going to have to be the Nobel 6,

The fact you fight, on and on untill the end and you do so much to survive! Its crazy! You feel utterly defeated and no matter what you do it won't stop. Best ending to a game i have ever played hands down!
You, the player.
It feels different than the rest- you knew that this could happen, but it still seems to be a different type of ending for a halo game.

Plus, I feel more connected to Noble 6 after all of this. This is your death. This was your story.
I’m a bit late to this thread, but 6’s death was by far the saddest

the way he dies is so badass, his final fight is him taking out elite after elite lone wolf style with the ruins of reach in the background then when he finally dies, it leaves me with sadness knowing he died trying to save reach. And also how reach was just forgotten in a flash, it was just destroyed so quick and everyone forgot about all the innocent people who died and all the spartans and soldiers who died to save it.
I think I would have to say Noble Six. Grand gesture at the end. Made me feel sad and I literally needed a minute before I could continue playing on my first playthrough.
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