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[Locked] Who's the best Halo player ever?

OP Larry Tanng

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The Halo God?
I'd say igotyourpistola or Ogre 2.

But I here this kid called the Infinitive is the best.
My favorite arena players (besides myself :P) would probably be Scopesided, Full of regret, Str8 916, and Kathios.
Do they also use Iron boosters?
Bellerophon, Ninja Str8 Rippin, Tdubgolf, Recent Players.
Recent Players destroyed me the other day :/
Overall, its easy to say Ogre 2. He has shown hes been very consistant, and even now he seems to know hes lost some slaying ability, and taken on being one of the best supporting role teammate. Do you think, its age catching up? Looking at the average age of the last team to win MLG, the oldest was 18, with average 16.
I personally think its Ninja because most people nowadays looks at the medals and who ever gets like a killtrocity or something is really good but I look at what kind of kills players get, I don't get much medals at all but if I get a kill its always a good one and that's what Ninja is like, I mean he gets the medals but he is mostly known for his epic kills.
I agree with what you are saying. R1 Speed DEMON
This guy and no, it's not Chuck norris, lol.
me. obviously pfft
the 'best ever' would be Walshy hands down. so much experience, excellent strategies, and he aims with the best of them. too bad he isnt active anymore.
IGotUrPistola all the way
I've heard it's Ninjaywolf he leads a clan at!/HydroFangClan, and come on have you seen his file share in halo 4?
in halo 2 it was SK Halogod
in halo 3 it was EW Snip3down
in halo reach it was NinjasNOSome
in Halo 4 it is Legit
OGRE 2. He has won more than any other Halo player in the history of Halo, from 2003-2011. He won National Championships in all 4 Halo games (1, 2, 3, and Reach), and has won nearly 30 titles, several more than Walshy in second. He and his twin brother, OGRE 1, are undefeated in 2v2 tournaments play. He was part of both teams that completely an entire tournament without losing a single game, in 2007 with Final Boss, and in 2011 with Instinct. At one time he placed second in 38 straight tournaments, and got 1st in 30 of them.

iGotUrPistola, Snip3Down, T2, OGRE 1, Naded, Neighbor, ElamiteWarrior, RyaNoob, Ninja, SK, Hysteria, FearItself; none of them even compare to how much OGRE 2 has won. The closest person is Walshy, who is far off. ORGE 2 was part of the second "God" team ever, since before Halo: Combat Evolved was even on MLG. He competed and won tournaments for 8 years and was the longest running Halo MLG player in history, and well as the winningest player. Everyone has to accept that he is, by far and undoubtedly, the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T.)

And with Halo 4 now off of the MLG Pro Circuit, nobody will ever come close to the amount of accomplishments and wins that OGRE 2 has.
Until 2012, excuse me; 9 years!
Probably some 50 year old who's living in an underground bunker with a huge supply of food and water, and a poop bucket.
My favorite players are

Xx Drac
King armous
Ak corruptoid

As for the best player ever I don't really know..

Halo 3 days -Ssyphon godhaaand and riot ran TS

In halo reach -king armous and syphon run arena
Snipicide and ak corruptoid run doubles
MLG wise idk but cosssta is very good at no bloom more than default reach..
Played a few matches with Gamesager in Dominion. It's as though he's psychic. On longbow he would throw the perfect nades and predict exactly where peoples heads would pop out. Once we captured B, he took the banshee the moment it came up and went plus 50 every match.
Anyone remember lil poison from Halo 2?
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