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Why CE is my favorite Halo and game of all time


A question people always bring up is what their favorite Halo game of all time. For me, it's a no-brainer, it's Halo: Combat Evolved that is not only my favorite Halo game, but my favorite video game of all time. There's a quite a lot that goes into it that makes it my favorite Halo and game ever. Simply put, it brings everything together perfectly. The stuff in the game isn't perfect, however, the way Bungie brought it all together made a game that I'll never forget. The visuals for one are amazing. It brings this incredible Universe to life, and it instantly draws you in. Halo 2 and Halo 3 did create the look that the Halo franchise is known for, though you can tell that they took a massive amount of art from CE. A big part of what makes this game incredible for me is the Campaign. The Campaign is amazing, I think it's probably the best in the series. The story isn't the best (that goes to Halo 4), but it does a great job drawing you in, wanting to discover what this alien artifact is, what it could mean for the galaxy. The missions are an absolute blast to play (with the exception being The Library), with The Silent Cartographer being my favorite video game mission of all time.

The next thing that does it for me is the gameplay. Aside from revolutionizing the FPS genre, the gameplay is absolutely amazing. Yes, it's not as fluid as Halo 2 and Halo 3, but this is the game that set the standard for the entire franchise. They created some of the best weapons in the history of gaming, which function and look amazing. I can pop this game in, and it's still fun as hell to play. Following this is the music. Need I say more? The music of Halo is one of the most beloved musical scores in gaming history, and the music by Marty O'Donnell is my favorite music in video games ever. O'Donnell stunned the world when we heard his score for CE, having us in awe; with goosebumps, our hearts bounding, or our eyes watering. There's no other way to say it, Marty created something spectacular that I don't think will ever be forgotten. Next is the multiplayer. Yes, it's not the best in the series, but's it's still such a blast to play, and Bungie did an amazing job for the tiny number of people working on it. Now I want to close this up. Yes, there are things that the future installments have done better than CE. However, the way Bungie brought everything together, they created something that absolutely blew everyone, myself included, away. Aside from bringing everything together perfectly, this is the game that started the greatest franchise in the history of video games. Hope you enjoyed this read!
Can't beat the classic
Solid read. Halo CE is amazing and still holds a special place in my heart simply because I started with CE. I was stationed in South Korea at the time and would spend any free time I had playing the Halo CE Demo on the Xbox Kiosk at the Base Exchange. The midnight launch for the Xbox and Halo CE turned into a small LAN party in the Electronics Department and the rest is history. Halo CE was a real gem of a game, ahead of it's time. I'm glad I got to experience it from the beginning.
Could not agree more! It was my first Halo game, one of my all-time favorite video games, and one that I can constantly replay. Sure, there were some flaws and things that needed to be improved upon, but the game has aged so well and is still fun to play, be it on Campaign or through Split Screen multiplayer! I also miss the days of getting my friend group together and setting up giant LAN parties and just spending the entire weekend on 8v8 slayer & CTF on Blood Gulch!
Now they just need to bring back a 4v4 Halo 1 playlist!
Who could forget bumping into their friends (and enemies) and instantly killing them :)
When I first played CE Anniversarry (I started on Reach) I did not overly enjoy the game because the game was a bit more difficult; mostly I would get lost in the maps. But looking back and playing it now (and grinding Legendary) the game is a blast to play. Somthing I love is classic graphics, I just think it feels right and amazingly more fluid.
Something I love is classic graphics, I just think it feels right and amazingly more fluid.
Not only do those graphics more accurately show collision boxes, but they're also shinier than the remastered ones!
Jestzer wrote:
Something I love is classic graphics, I just think it feels right and amazingly more fluid.
Not only do those graphics more accurately show collision boxes, but they're also shinier than the remastered ones!
I know! I completely disagree when Nak3d Eli called it ugly mode :(
Recon494 wrote:
Can't beat the classic
Too right m8! And we still have Halo 2 The Great Schism and Halo 3 Mythic!
Yeah, I love when a game can stand the test of time. I had a lot of great memories on my original xbox, but after running some of them on an emulator, geez they show their age. Halo doesn't seem to have that and I think it's specifically because of the surreal look they went for. It'll stand along side DOOM and Quake as games that will never not be fun, no matter how old they get.

I remember how epic Mario Kart 64 was and how people still compete in it. But after playing the latest iteration of Mario Kart, it feels klunky and just plain looks bad. I don't have the same feeling when going from Halo 5 back to 1, I actually feel like the chief handles better in CE, at least for things like speedrunning.