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Why is Action Sack gone?

OP Larry Tanng

I've been out of it for a while. What happened?
It was removed in the August 2012 consolidation because it had a low player count.

August 14th, 2012 - Halo: Reach Consolidation Update
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It got removed for low population reasons, although it has become apparent that the playlist consolidation for Reach was short-sighted. Seriously, every person I've talked to that comes back to Reach goes "Hey, where's Action Sack?!".

I agree on Squad Slayer, not sure about Anniv. BTB. Reach does have more than its fair share of bad 343i decisions. Such as, but not limited to, Anniversary FF playlist(An entire playlist...for one map), combining Arcade and Real FF(Want a challenge, too bad!), Most forge maps in Invasion have the same designs(Seriously, 3 maps have near identical bases), and an overall lack of variety.
Stupid decisions are still better than the lack of Bungie support
I was pretty disappointed. DINO SLAYER FTW!
It's Halo "No Fun Allowed" Reach.
Stupid decisions are still better than the lack of Bungie support
They kept Matchmaking updates going, I don't see what's wrong with what they did. If someone was coming in to take over your job for you, would you really do all the fix-up work before they get there? It's not being lazy, it's helping them out by letting them start off with polishing the product you made, then letting them go on to make their own game.
= 343i reasoning.
i know right i mean it had 1000+ daily when it was still up but they kept super slayer and arena which had only 100 player or even less (not exaggerating )
We need Action Sack back. Post for the support of returning Action Sack back to Halo: Reach!!

I agree that it was a totally short sighted move. Shocker. Super Slayer lingers even still despite the fact that nobody has ever played it.

Bring back Action Sack!!!