So this question has probably been done to death since it came out for BC, but I was wondering if its still worth getting at this point? And additionally, if I do get it would I need to get the DLCs?
it is considered one of the best halo games created and i would highly recommend it
Yes, there are still many players and it's best game in world (my opinion). It has great firefigth,campaing,forge,customizatiom and custom games. And I think that you don't need any DLCs.
Hmm the DLC maps were pretty nice...
The DLC maps do seem nice, but would it severely impact the amount of games I get?
It is worth buying and there is plenty to do within the game to hold your attention, you do not need any of the DLC i doubt most of the players who still play it even have it. I have the DLC and the most populated playlists are the standard so you will be fine. Halo Reach has a good story, fun multiplayer, custom games, forge, and Firefight. And also pick up Halo 3 if you don't have it. Believe it or not people still play it including myself.
I got it recently - got the backwards compatible version for $25
Played some of the campaign which is really cool - great artwork and of course it's the Noble Team
Also played some multiplayer it's cool as well but it doesn't come close to H5 - seems to have an active players in the 300-500 person range on the slayers and BTB game modes (it gives you player counts on the modes) it's decent but my multiplayer in gaming started with H5 so I'm jaded going back to old Spartan abilities I feel I'm playing in wheelchair ......
I got it purely for the campaign. The campaign is one of the best I have experienced. I still play it when I want to see what a campaign should be like.
Welp, I decided to take the plunge and get it without the DLCs. Thanks for the feedback guys!