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343 I use my capture to use it in matchmaking


343 I use my capture to use it in matchmaking of halo 4, and I do not notify myself of that
Pardon, explain yourself please?
Was that English?
GUYS I FOUND OUT WHAT HES SAYING! He means that on xbox one when he presses the home button and presses X to record the last 30 seconds, it does not give him a notification. I have had this problem too with backwards compatible games too. Step 1: Make sure notifications are on. Step 2: Put your settings on recording to immediately post the clip into your capture tab of your xbox. Step 3: Make sure you actually press X, if you press it too fast it won't record. I hope I correctly interpreted this question.
a long time ago when halo 4 was in fashion, made a screenshot in the cinema mode of halo 4, and this capture was used to announce the list of killer game in matchmaking