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Anybody actually use the Thruster pack?

OP Geth Pathfinder

I have been playing Halo 4 multiplayer a little over a year, yet have never understood the purpose of the Thruster Pack AA? It literally takes more time switching between first and third person than walking. When I do thruster, I am usually killed before even returning to first person(leaving me vulnerable and unable to shoot). I always go with Jetpack, because it also throws players' aim off, I can still shoot, and it lasts longer. I mean seriously, one small burst and the ability is empty. Anyway, I wondered if anybody else figured out how to use it or its intended purpose?
I use it even though I know it's kind of worthless. However since launch day I've just had it set up in my load outs. You can do some neat tricks with it though!
I used to use it for trick shots with the sniper rifle. Not much use for it anymore though, but that's just me.
It works well to dodge stuff.
Nah, not really, I prefer my Wallhacks vision:P
Don't find it useful at all...
ZacBum wrote:
Don't find it useful at all...
I'm actually going to go back on what I previously said, I can't stop using it now and really enjoy it. It's extremely handy in CQT situations and when dodging incoming rounds, has saved my skin many times... High five thruster pack!
Yep I always use the Thruster Pack, it's a fantastic evasive tool in tight quarters to lay down some fire and then quickly thrust sideways or backwards behind a wall when your health gets low. It's also quite useful in BTB if a vehicle is targeting you like a Banshee or Wraith. Finally you can use it to cancel out jump pads mid-flight.
I usually use the sprint pack.. I've never tried the thruster pack tbh
GGghoul wrote:
I usually use the sprint pack.. I've never tried the thruster pack tbh
Should give it a go Pixyzz, is great for getting out of the way when you're taking rounds and about to die, can save your skin and very handy. Give it a go and let us know what you think?
Yeah I just use jetpack.
Thank’s everyone, for all the comments. I have actually started to use the Thruster Pack recently. It actually is slightly more useful than I initially thought. It is good to use in combination with a Shotgun or Energy Sword in CQC.
thruster packs are helpful but you kinda forget it's there sometimes
Not unless they actually show up in some crazy gametype in Team Actionsack
Thruster was pretty useless in H4. If anything it was only good for a minute quickdodge of grenades or to assist in ninja'ing someone. Halo 5s is balanced very well and is actually useful.
Thruster pack sucks unless you've got an energy sword, you just thrust right up to an enemy and then lunge with the sword and get a quick kill. When I play Flood, it's the only AA I use because of its usefulness in that area.
Used it once or twice and hated it. It feels clunky. I like the thrusters in H5 more.
I have been using TP in H4 since the beginning. Has kept me alive in so many situations from dodging grenades, banshee bombs, splatters, laser shots, etc. Also, it's fun to ninja the unsuspecting assassin. Lead them on until they're about to assassinate you, jump, thruster back and assassinate them.

I agree with the comments about H5Gs being/feeling better but everyone having it has totally changed how the game plays therefore I am completely turned off by it. I think players having to chose between AAs really kept the game interesting and full of new encounters/exchanges. That said in comparison the H4 TP going 3rd person does feel awkward but I still use it most of the time with the exception of jetpack in some loadouts.
When having fun with snipers mostly. I play offline with buddies a lot who don’t play nearly half as much as me lol it’s fun
im pretty sure it was just meant for the flood.