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[Locked] Backstab commendation gets me venator raptor?

OP LegendaryD00R

In most places i have looked people argue that BackStab commendation gives or doesnt give Venator RPTR. can anyone that finished this commendation confirm if they got it or not?
good question I thought that skin was pre order only from
There was a post about that right yesterday. Someone got the Master in Backstab without reciving any Raptor armor. It is possible that to recive it you must first complete the Master in Assassination (unlocking the base Venator) but I'm unsure if it's true. I think we will get such skins only from future DLCs
You only get the normal ver. of the helmet, anyone else who has any different ver. of the helmet got it through pre oredering
It's a pre order bonus, two of my friends got it by pre ordering.
Got it earlier today, as zeroreaper said the Skin is pre order exclusive. You'll get the normal version by finishing that commendation.
The Backstab commendation does not unlock anything. I just unlocked it; it may unlock the normal version of the armor (I don't know, as I had Assassin Master unlocked before Backstab Master), but I doubt it.
all right thanks for the replies now i wont waste my time with that commendation
you can unlock all the armor each store has exclusively but the stores have a different variant of the armor.

I.E. best buy exclusively have the Venator RPTR skin, but you can unlock the Venator skin
With the Locus and Deadeye being the exceptions . Those i think are preorder exclusives and they are not skins , they are armors.
Well to be honest I completed assassin first then backstab and I got nothing I think there is a problem over at 343 industry but still kinda fun to get off to the side
I had it two months after I started playing the game to level up.
The Backstab commendation only provides you with more XP points as you level up, the Venator RPTR is a skin only available if you have pre-ordered the game before its launch
Looks like 343 never made the armors unlockable through other means.
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