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OP summitslaughter

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Hey Guys, I was Just wondering what each of you had as your armor combos and what armor combos look cool

So I guess I'll start of
Helmet: Deadeye
Shoulders: Recruit Prime
Chest: Venator
Forearms: Mark VI
Legs: Mark VI

Let's see if we can all come up with good armor combos and add it to a list, so we can all try them out.
If you want an armor combo added comment on your favorite.

Of course if you want to just share your armor combo feel free to.

More will be added later...
Helmet: Deadeye
Torso: Stalker
Shoulders: Orbital
Forearms: Recruit PRME
Legs: Outer-plated
Visor: Midnight

Primary color: Blue
Secondary color: Cobalt
Helmet: Recon
Shoulders: Rouge?
Chest: Pioneer Adapt
Forearms: Fotus
Legs: Fotus
Color Prime: Ice
Color Secondary: Medium Purple.

Visor: Pioneer. I've had many and I love all my armor color combos. It's about personal choice, and what compliments your visor choice with style. If you don't care about that, cause you rarely see it thanks to team games... Then RANDOMIZE IT
This is a good thread to check out (and rate) armor configurations.

- Rate the Spartan Armor above you -

But to add to the list, here are the 3 that flip between:
(Shot of these can be seen in my File Share)

( 1 )
Helmet: Scout
Torso: Scout
Shoulders: (R/L) Infiltrator
Forearms: XV-21 Shifting
Legs: XG-89 Narrow
Visor: Midnight or Stalker
Colors: Primary - Silver Secondary - Sage

( 2 )
Helmet: Locus
Torso: Rogue
Shoulders: (R/L) Infiltrator
Forearms: XV-21 Shifting PULS
Legs: XG-89 Narrow
Visor: n/a
Colors: PRIMARY - Steel Secondary - Gold

( 3 ) - (Currently being used)
Helmet: Gungnir PULS
Torso: Gungnir PULS
Shoulders: (R/L) War Master
Forearms: Outer-Plated RPTR
Legs: RG-63 Counter PRME
Visor: N/A
Colors: Primary - Silver Secondary - Sage
Helmet: Vanguard
Chest: Vanguard (soon to be Gungnir)
Shoulders: Vanguard
Forearms: Mark VI
Colors Primary Maroon, Secondary Yellow
Yeah, I like that thread, just made this one so people can share armor combos instead of just rating.
Helmet: Mark VI
Chest: Rogue w/ skin
Shoulders: Commando
Forearms: Outer plated
Legs: XG_89 Narrow
Visor: Cyan
Colors: Grey w/ Dark Blue

*I liked and wore this combo for a while, but now I'm going full Scout cause Scout looks amazing...
This is what I use on my main account
Helmet: Locus
Torso: Wetwork SHRD
Shoulders: War Master
Forearms: Inner-Plated WEB
Visor: Rogue (but can't be seen due to the Locus helmet having no visor

Primary color: Steel
Secondary color: Yellow
<----Your looking right at it.

Helmet: Recon
Torso: Recon
Shoulders: Pathfinder
Forearm: Contoured
Legs: Contoured
Visor: Midnight
Pri - Steel
Sec - Aqua

True Reconnaissance Colors.
I figured out the armor combo on the Grifball Matchmaking photo, and it's pretty cool.
Helmet - Warrior
Torso - Air Assault
Shoulders (L/R) - Air Assault
Forearms - XV-27 Shifting
Legs - RG-63 Counter
Visor - Recruit
Primary Color - Ice
Secondary Color - White

I actually sometimes change to this when I play Grifball.
<--------There it is. But if you want to read it:
Helmet: Recruit
Chest: Aviator
Shoulders: Air Assault
Forearms: XV-27 Shifting
Legs: LG-50 Bulk
Visor: Legendary
Primary color: Red
Secondary color: Blue
Another one is the Scout set as worn by Commander Palmer:
Helmet: Scout
Torso: Scout
Shoulders (L/R): Scout
Forearms: Inner-Plated
Legs: Outer-Plated
Visor: Recruit
Colors (P/S): Silver
Head: Scout
Torso: Stalker CRUSH
Shoulders: War Master
Forearms/Legs: Mark VI
Visor: Blindside or Solar
Colors: Blue/Forest

Head: Any
Torso: ODST
Shoulders: Ricochet
Forearms: Mark VI
Legs: Mark V

Das it!
Do not post spam.

<------------This is my personal armor setup I use, and it's also my favorite, but here are the armor types I use.
Helmet: Protector
Torso: Soldier ZNTH (Zenith)
Left Shoulder: Protector
Right Shoulder: Venator BYNT(Bayonet)
Forearms: XV-27 Shifting
Legs: XG-89 Narrow BYNT
Visor: Cyan
  1. Helmet: Mark VI
  2. Chest: Venator BYNT
  3. Left shoulder: Rogue
  4. Right shoulder: Rogue Focus
  5. Forearms: XV-27 SlID
  6. Legs: Over-Locking
  7. Visor: Pioneer
  8. Primary color: Silver
  9. Secondary color: Cyan
  10. Stance: Assault
It might not be the best looking armor but it is my favorite.
Here's my armor set:

Helmet: Locus
Visor: (Doesn't really matter with Locus but I usually have Midnight equipped.)
Chestplate: Fotus
(R) Shoulder: E.O.D.
(L) Shoulder: E.O.D.
Forearms: Contoured SHRD
Legs: Mark VI

Primary Color: Silver/Steel
Secondary Color: White
Helmet: Mark VI
Torso: Mark VI
Shoulders: Mark V
Forearms: Mark V
Legs: Mark VI
Visor: Legendary(hoping to eventually get the yellow visor)
Primary: White
Secondary: Cyan
I use:
forearm and legs:outerplate
Visor: blindside
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