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Cool Armor Combinations

OP summitslaughter

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mark and assault
with ricohet shoulders
Hey Guys, I was Just wondering what each of you had as your armor combos and what armor combos look cool

So I guess I'll start of
Helmet: Deadeye
Shoulders: Recruit Prime
Chest: Venator
Forearms: Mark VI
Legs: Mark VI

Let's see if we can all come up with good armor combos and add it to a list, so we can all try them out.
If you want an armor combo added comment on your favorite.

Of course if you want to just share your armor combo feel free to.

More will be added later...
As you put your spartan, it is very beautiful.
Helm. War master
Torso. Venator
Shoulders L/R Scout
Arms. XV-27 Shifting
Legs. LG-50 Bulk
Visor. Verdant
Color Primary steel
Color Secondary green
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