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Favorite and Best Specialization?

OP Valkitus

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What is your most favorite specialization for those who have chosen one? Which one is the best in a fight? I prefer Wetwork so I don't get heard much when trying to assassinate someone or just beat them to death.
Well I'm almost at 50 and I'm going to choose Rouge for the Stability mod to reduce my flinching when getting shot at so I can hopefully win longer range engagements. To me it seem's to be the most useful.
Haven't made it to Specializations yet, but I will be picking Wetworks. Fits my playstyle perfectly.
Stalker. I have no idea what it does but the visor it unlocks is awesome.
I'll be using the Stalker when I get there. It marks those who hit you and then makes an even bigger marker over the person who killed you last. After that probably Wetworks then Pioneer.
I would say Pioner for first, even if the armor isn't the best one. But the XP boost will be usefull to work with all the other specializations
I quite like Pathfinder/Operator.

Engineer/Tracker would also be high on the list.

For the sake of picking one I will say Operator because I'm usually the driver with my brother being the gunner. An Operator/Pathfinder combo would be ace.
I went with pathfinder because the helmet looks like eva 01 from evangelion lol.
I can't remember that name, but the one that lets to reroll your ordinance, that or Wetworks.
I'm getting the one that you can switch the ordinance. I love the needler, but I need some variety!
Rogue seems to be the best. Wetwork is in close second simply because it is a direct counter to Promethean Vision.
Definitely Wetworks!
Rogue - the flinch perk will be one of the best - hands down
Well, i think the Wetwork or Rogue would defiantly be the 2 best. I mean Wetwork would be good for combat and close range, the Vision thing helps too, but it would be nice if you went rogue because if you got shoot there wouldnt be as much ''pop''.
Rogue = Long Range
Wetwork = Combat
Overall = Wetwork
im going to chose Operator.
Im more of a vehicular combat player, and I love the armor.
I'm planing on starting with the Operator. For one thing, I'll be able to shrug off the excess of Plasma Pistol charges when I'm on larger maps. For another, that Magnum skin looks BAUS.
Where do you guys find out about all of this stuff? Specializations? WTH?
I've found the wetwork perk to be extremely useful. I've had guys using Promethean vision just walk by me. Trying to level up Pioneer now. I haven't decided which to pick after that.
I'm definitely choosing Pathfinder,I always be the gunner in vehicles and rip off turrets and get killing sprees with them. Also because Pathfinder doesn't seem as popular which makes me want to pick it even more.
I’m going with the rouge class it fits my style of military combat
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