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Forge Island Problem!


Hello all, so today was supposed to be a good day. I finished work early, wife is at work, son is at daycare. That means I had three glorious hours to play halo uninterrupted.I was playing BTB and started out with a great game on Exile. The next map was Forge Island...and that's when the frustration began. about three minutes into the game it kicks me out for no reason. It sent me back to the main screen where I was met with a five minute ban. I thought no big deal pulled out my phone and for five minutes I answered some emails for work, Five minutes is up and back to Halo, first game after the ban was Forge Island again. Well about one minute into the game boom kicked out again! when I make it back to the lobby I have an hour long ban waiting for me!

I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem with this map kicking you out? I checked and my connection was fine on both instances that I was booted. I'm almost afraid to enter matchmaking again, get the same map, get kicked out, and have a week long ban.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of the ban system. I wish there were more options for booting people that betray you, but at least it's something to keep players in check.

If there are bugs with the map just remove it from matchmaking. It's not that fun of a map when there are already so many good ones.