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How do you feel about Cortanas rampancy in halo 4

OP BlueLight669

I think if chief can somehow get dr.halsey near Cortana she'll be able to fix her and stop her
We will just have to wait for Halo 6 to see if there is a possibility of "fixing" Cortana.
I feel like that entire plot line was the result of a failed effort to come up with a good story.
Ya I agree we'll have to wait and see if ''fixing'' Cortanas an option
Halo 4's story I really enjoy because we got to see Chief as a character and how he handles failing. Chief usually gets the job done without messing up too bad. Halo 4 really opened up on how we would see chief as an actual character. I really wish 343 would have kept this idea and ran with it but due to community backlash they dropped pretty much everything from H4.
she got really annoying in halo4
Cortanas rampant was annoying to deal with, but made for a good story. I believe that curing her would be too basic, she should just die off and something new happens, like Halsey makes an Epsilon Church version of Cortana.
The relationship between chief and cortana was great, truely amazing. A story worth telling, but after cortana saved chief at the end I nearly cried. And I’ve seen a lot of clips about halo 5 and something is a bit off about cortana. To be honest I think cortana ‘died’ in halo 4, it like a hollow shell or ghost has taken the place of her. I feel sad. I wish cortana came back.
I kinda agree helljumper but I think its more of that cortana wants to cure rampancy so bad and for all ai's that the power went to her head literally.and she's willing to risk everything/everyone