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Is the Raider DSTT Helmet still available?


This helmet unlocks after playing 1,000 War Games and entering the respective glyph code on Halo Waypoint via the 360. According to my Waypoint profile, I've completed 1,020 games. However, entering the code via Waypoint gives me an error. Are these Waypoint rewards no longer available due to server issues, or is there something else going on? I'd really like to get this helmet if it's still possible.
I've been hearing about some people having issues unlocking Halo: Reach armor as well in the Waypoint App at the moment. Hopefully it is resolved soon.
Gotcha, so not just me then. I'm not sure I should hold out hope at this point given 343's track record with this game. The servers are still a mess and I've been hearing of Waypoint issues for years. Sad story is sad.