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After about a three year dry spell, the stars magically aligned last night and everyone in the Heavies lobby had DLC content. Got to play on Shatter and I was so happy about it I didn't even care what the outcome would be. Just happy to play a BTB DLC map again. We ended up victorious and it was a pretty solid match.

So now I'm here again begging 343i to please push a mandatory update forcing all players to download the free DLC map content. It was absolutely pointless to make it all free if we never get the opportunity to play on the maps because not everyone has them. It is truly a shame because the DLC maps are so good in H4, especially BTB.
Yeah. I played a Rumble Pit match on pitfall today as well :o
343 MAKE HALO 4 GREAT AGAIN. MAKE A FORCED UPDATE! Also can we get the DMR concrete and BR blast skin please? : >

P.S. Would like to use pelicans and broadswords in forge
Yeah. I played a Rumble Pit match on pitfall today as well :o
I’ve found smaller DLC maps are somewhat common in certain playlists.
i agree with this 100 percent, its a real -Yoink- when you cant play really really cool maps because someone doslent want to go out of his way for like a minute and get more game for free.
Woohoo! congrats! I haven't seen DLC in 4 or Reach in forever!. Even though all the DLC is free for everyone!
I think that there should be an update across the board for all of them that still have active servers, Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 4.