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[Locked] LASO Emblem won't unlock

OP ADeadlyFlamingo

A friend of mine (Pickles Nexus) and I completed the entire campaign on Legendary with all skulls on including the Prologue and Epilogue following the guides EXACTLY. If we look into our Games History in Waypoint, it says every level was completed on LASO. Just wondering why it isn't unlocking and how it can be fixed. Thanks.

this thread may help
That thread is helpful but according to my game history no mistake was made.
Did you enter in the LASO code?
Yeah, I entered the code as well as my friend and it came up as still locked. Tried replaying the prologue/epilogue because I read a couple other threads of why others were having problems but still not fixed.
Yes,you need to enter the LASO code after completing the campaign on Mythic (LASO) otherwise the point is unfortunately moot...
Did you have the Blind skull on?
Yes, my friend and I had all 13 skulls activated at all times and upon beating the campaign, we entered the code into Waypoint and still shows as locked.
I am hoping a Mod/Admin will take a look at this thread and shed some light on why this emblem will not unlock after spending a week of our time trying to complete a frustratingly hard difficulty. Would greatly appreciate it.
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DeusPixel wrote:
Did you fix your problem?
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