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OP Hyde421

I have been trying to unlock Raider DSTT armor but spec- torso wont unlock i have completed the campaign on legendary and i have the code but it wont work. I manged to unlock the shoulders but this.
According to your Halo 4 Service Record here you do indeed have the campaign completed on Legendary, your Waypoint Service Record only shows 4 missions completed though. If you completed any legendary missions offline, you may need to play them again while connected to Xbox Live to make sure they get tracked. Try the code again after and see if it unlocks for you

I think u where looking the co-op completion, that says 4/8. On the the xbox 360 waypoint and the halo 4 stats page says i have completed the story on legandary it even has time stamps when i first completed them
I am also having the same issue. I completed the campaign on Legendary solo and am entering the code and it tells me I need to complete the campaign in legendary.