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[Locked] Some questions so far on Halo 4.

OP Van Bur3n

After playing Halo 4 for the past 2 days, I have to say, this is the best Halo game I have played. Never have I felt so much emotion for any character in a video game then Master Chief and Cortana. The storyline was so well done and did a perfect job at touching the emotions of a fan like myself. Although a bit of it was sketchy such as:

But overall great game.

I have a few questions though and some other topics that I would like to discuss:

1. On Halo Waypoint, I figured out the code shown on the weekly news. After typing it in, it did not work, as I lacked the requirements to do so. This confuses me as I do not know of any requirements it requested. As a matter a fact, the whole classified menu confuses me (the Raider armor, the Section 4 news, etc.) Could anyone explain, and also, how do you unlock the Raider armor?

2. I have been seeing some players with Mark VI armor, but don't know how to get it myself. I know for sure it wasn't a pre-order exclusive, so how could I get my hands on it?

Thank you for the help.
I believe the mark VI armor is unlocked by beating the campaign on legendary.
no idea about the first question, as for number 2, just complete solo legendary campaign... :D
i am just going to complete campaign on legendary and see what happens.
i am just going to complete campaign on legendary and see what happens.
Please don't revive old topics, thanks, especially ones that are over 7 years old