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[Locked] Waypoint Classified codes - Requiem II / LASO

OP Ded10c

Having suffered issues with Waypoint for a while I finally got all of the Classified codes I'd met the requirements for to work and set on completing the requirements for the others. Last night I finished a torturous SLASO run through the campaign, but neither the Requiem Archive II torso code nor the Section 3 Archive LASO code are unlocking. In other threads I've seen people with this issue the solution has always been that they missed something or that it didn't register as complete on their Service Record, but mine records a SLASO completion for each level and I'm not sure what's going on. Is anybody able to offer advice?
Just encountered the same deal with the Section 3 Archive LASO code. All 8 mission completions with all skulls, Legendary and solo attributes have been logged by the browser Halo Waypoint. The 360 Waypoint was the only one in which I could find the "Classified" section for code input, and it kept giving me the "LOCKED - Complete the Campaign..." admonishment message. Did we wait too long and the stat connections died? A simple "Btw, don't bother with LASO if you wanted that emblem/exp" would have made for a helpful sticky if that were the case.
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