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[Locked] What are the lyrics?

OP ContinuousX546

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IDK but i want to know because it sounds sweet
(2x) Eh-ha-eh-ko, he-ray-pa-hey.Eh-ha-eh-ko, he-ray-ka-ha.
See-roun-cha-ko, roun-ka-ha-hey.
Eh-ha-eh-ko, eh-he-tee-tay-da. (2x)
Ka-say-ko, da-ma-ho. Ka-say-ko, la-say-ka.
Say-ma-tay, ma-say-da.
See-la-ma-da, see-ra-lie-sa.
Eh-ha-eh-ko, he-ray-pa-hey. Eh-ha-eh-ko, he-ray-pa-ray. Eh-pa-eh-ko, he-ray-pa-ka.
See-roun-cha-ho, roun-ka-pa-hey.
Eh-ha-eh-ho, he-ray-pa-ray. Eh-pa-eh-ko, he-ray-pa-ka.
Eh-ka-eh-roh, he-ray-pa-hey. Eh-ka-eh-ko, tea-ray-pa-ka.
See-roun-da-ho, da-ka-pa-hey.
Ey-ha-eh-ho, ey-he-tea-tay.
Eh-ha-eh-ko, he-ray-pa-hey. Eh-ha-eh-ko, he-ray-ka-ha.
See-roun-cha-ko, roun-ka-ha-hey.
Eh-ha-eh-ko, eh-he-tee-tay.
See-ra-ta-ho, roun-ka-ha-hey. See-ra-ta-ho, hey-he-tea-tay. See-ra-ta-ho, da-ka-ha-hey.
See-ra-ta-ho, hey-he-tea-day. See-ra-ta-ho, roun-ka-da-hey.
See-ra-ta-ho, hey-he-tea-day. See-ra-ta-ho, roun-ka-pa-hey.
While I appreciate the effort in the above posts, please don't revive 6 year old topics thanks