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[Locked] What is good and what is bad about Halo 4?


It's my first post on any forum so please be nice.
now to the topic:
  1. Did you enjoy the story of Halo 4?
  2. If yes, why?
  3. What was the most terrible scene, in your opinion?
  4. What was the best scene?
  5. Do you still play it? if yes, how often?
  6. What didn't you like about Halo 4?
Personally, i really enjoyed Halo 4. I still play it (on Xbox 360 :P)
1. Absolutely
2. It wasn't every other Halo game. It didn't have the Flood, the Covenant weren't the main, driving antagonists, rather, they were just minions, and it did a great job of introducing Forerunners into the story rather than being some extra stuff only found in the scenery and terminals. Halo 4 gets even better if you've read the Forerunner saga by Greg Bear.
3. The scene where Chief and Cortana are on Infinity and Cortana flips out and Del Rio orders Chief's arrest. Cortana's little spaz attack while in the ship's system just makes me cringe every time, idk.
4. I really liked the scene before Mission 7 where Chief is hiding on the Lich and he sees the Halo ring and the old Halo theme plays for just a second. It gives me nostalgia every time.
5. I play it on and off- usually I'll play it a bunch during the summer, but not so much after the school year starts.
6. I didn't like the campaign length- Even now, it still feels really short compared to the other Halo games. Spartan Ops was fun but it just didn't fill the void that the short campaign gave me.
1. Yes.
2. I'm a sucker for character-driven stories, and I loved finding out more about how Master Chief and Cortana see themselves and each other.
3. When Cortana launches the pulse on the Infinity. It just doesn't feel right. Like there's no real anger, and it's just a plot point.
4. "I can tell you... why that sun isn't real... But I'll never know if it feels real... Which of us is the robot?"
5. Not right now. I recently got into Halo, and I got 4 3 months ago, so I played it a lot for a while. I just got 5, so I'm playing that a lot now, instead.
6. The widely varying mission lengths in Campaign and Spartan Ops. Infinity, for example, dragged on forever. You go through the forest, then you meet some marines, then you fight wave after wave of Prometheans, then the Covenant are working with the Prometheans, then there's a Scorpion section and a Mantis section. And then you have missions like Composer which go by a lot quicker. In Spartan Ops, you have really short missions like the defend the generators one, and super long ones like Shootout at Valhalla.
  1. Yes
  2. Well, something I liked about it was the Prometheans and the Didact. Even tho the Prometheans execution and the final encounter with Didact we're terrible, they we're in general, a good concept. I liked how we got to pilot the Pelican and the Broadsword (shame it was in linear paths with no freedom). I actually liked how Halo 4 developed Master Chief's character. In the Bungie games, he remained silent during gameplay with no character development even in cutscenes, so that the player could feel like he/she was the Master Chief. However, doing so made him look like a killing machine with no emotions and that he was only following orders like any other soldier. Halo 4 tho, proved us that he is not a machine. He's a human with emotions that's hidden behind a titanium armor that covers his whole body. He showed to be worried about Cortana and tried to help her when she needed the most. After her "death" we could see Chief, speechless and heart-broken after losing someone he cared alot. In the Infinity, he wasn't doing something else to celebrate the Didact's defeat or to try and move on about Cortana's death. Instead he was staring at the Earth thinking about her. After his chat with Lasky, he remembered the last words she said by saying: "She once told that... about being a machine".
  3. The ending cutscene of Infinity, where Del Rio outright shows great disrespect for the man who saved Humanity and guaranteed victory in a war that went on for over 20 years. The only good thing is that Del Rio became a meme after that XD. "I... am ordering you... TO SURRENDER THAT AI"
  4. For me it's hard to tell what was the best cutscene, because I liked all of them. Maybe I have to go with the last cutscene (not the epilogue). 'Nuff said.
  5. Kinda. I'm still trying to do a deathless Legendary on Requiem. I almost did if it weren't for the damn Jackals. I HATE THEM.
  6. What I didn't liked about Halo 4? The campaign was short and you had to understand a bit about the lore to fully understand the story. Kinda like Halo 5 except you don't need to watch/read to over 8 pieces of media. I also hated how you could make your own loadouts. Because of that, I made my first 3 loadouts based on how we start in Halo 3 and Reach. The 4th one is a custom loadout, meaning it won't be fixed like the other 4, and the last loadout is from an old video from the old Wangtime which is incredibly useful.
  1. Did you enjoy the story of Halo 4?
It was OK. I liked the aspect of the Forerunners involvement, but I did not like how the Covenant was incorporated.

2. What was the most terrible scene, in your opinion?
"I thought you'd be taller." Nuff said

3. What was the best scene?
Captain Del Rio getting completely shut down by Chief.

4. Do you still play it? if yes, how often?
not really. Maybe to do campaign every few months, or Spartan Ops with my little brother

5. What didn't you like about Halo 4?
How the Covenant was Incorporated. In the original trilogy, the Covenant were the main bad guys, and humanity was on the brink of extinction. That feel that feeling gave was unforgettable. Then in Halo 4, the War has been over for years, and the badass Covenant are of no threat to humanity. The entire dynamic of Halo was changed in this one game, through a company transfer. It was a really hard game to make successful by ANY company let alone 343. From that game on, Halo was no longer Halo, not because 343 took over and created an iffy game, but because the ENTIRE story was completely flipped, and the good fight that humanity fought to prevent extinction ended, and the sense of danger (even on a near extinction level) present in Halo 4 kinda paled in comparison to the ruthlessness of the Covenant.
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