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A Halo Adaptation of Apocalypse Now

OP MochaNight67368

I recently finished reading Heart of Darkness a few months back and Apocolypse Now is one of my favorite movies, I was wondering just wondering what you would think of this idea?

For those who do not know the general idea of the story:

It is about a soldier tasked with a clandestine mission to sneak upriver into a foreign land (Cambodia) and eliminate a US special forces, who has by all indications gone AWOL with his own private army and began building a cult. The movie delves heavily into a surreal feeling of hyperreality where craziness keeps happening the further the group goes down the river into the heart of darkness. The movie has this strange feeling dreamlike quality to it where things are just surreal (its difficult to capture in words, only if you've seen it, you know). It's essentially an examination of broken people.

I think a Halo adaptation or story that heavily borrows these themes of unending war, imperialism the madness and confusion they both breed, can translate perfectly to the Halo franchise. An ONI mission. Possibly even a Spartan sent to eliminate an AWOL spartan (I just got mad thinking of how cool Halo 5 could've been) . Definitely can factor in the insurrectionists in there.

In my head, I could imagine it as a short story, but I think it could work in some other mediums as well, especially as a graphic novel.

SO, I was wondering what you think/ would do for this idea or if you have some other idea for a Halo short story.
I could easily see Kevin-A282 as a great candidate for a story like this. He clearly experienced some trauma prior to "Breaking Strain" from Halo Fractures. Perhaps a story that delves into what caused him to be so reclusive and isolated could touch on some of the themes from Apocalypse Now (great movie by the way).