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Best Halo books that feature spartans.

OP RevivedWheat

Hey guys and girls, I wanted to get into some of the fiction in the coming weeks and wanted to know books that feature Spartans you guys would recommend and why. Thanks!
Fall of reach, First strike, Ghosts of onyx, Last light.

Fall of reach - Tells the origin of the spartan program and features spartans fighting in the human-covant war.

First strike - It essential tells how chief and Johnson got back to earth after the first halo. Features the remaining spartans that survived reach.

Ghosts of onyx - Features the Spartan III's and pretty much every remaining spartan II besides the chief. You also get a little bit of info about halo 2's earth fight.

Last light - Sometime between halo 3-4, this showcases Blue team investigating some "murders" on planet that's doesn't really like the UNSC. Good action/crime novel.

I can't really give you a GOOD reason why... besides they meet your criteria.. All the books are awesome though... All are a worthwhile read.
Fall of reach or first strike
Fall of Reach, First Strike, Ghosts of Onyx. I'm also reading The Cole Protocol right now and really liking it.
The Cole protocol . Gray team, man
Halo Fall of Reach, or Halo First Strike. Both are amazing, and in my opinion the 2 best books about halo.