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Biggest battle in the Halo Universe? IYO

OP Pat J OBrien

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Offensive bias vs. Mendicant Bias. The biggest battle in ancient times.

Biggest battle Covenant vs. Human war?
Reach or the battle of Earth

Mendicant bias vs Offensive bias.

The two most intelligent AIs that have probably ever existed in our galaxy duking it out. Throw in the halo rings going off mid battle.


The battle for earth was never fully fleshed out. It lasted a month and was certainly a prolonged engagement, so it's hard to say for sure how much fighting went on.

We do know that earths defenses made Reaches look like nothing by comparison, so It's safe to say the covenant had a very strong presence there as well.
The battle of installation 05 was one the biggest battles but my favorite was the battle of installation 00 or battle of requiem have to be my favorites (mainly because we get the awesomeness of chief and didact) a runner up was the battle of earth
I personally like the fall of reach, and it sure as hell feels like a big battle, thought the maginot sphere battle is of course much larger.

As for coolest, I really like Infinity's second arrival to requiem. Partially because it plows a ship IN TWO, and then deploys a few dozen other ships and hundreds of pellicans. it looks awesome, and I like it.
Maginot Sphere takes the crown, I think.

Second biggest battle will be Halo 6

Maginot Sphere takes the crown, I think.

Second biggest battle will be Halo 6

I agree,Come on Precursors!!
Any battle in ancient times. When they start using stars as weapons and are destroying planets with the ease of destroying cities, not much else can compare.

Special mention to the battles of the capitol and Hakkor.
Biggest battle ever is the battle for the greater ark in the forerunner flood war which dwarf the entire human covenant war I don't know the full size of the battle but the biggest battle of the great schism is the battle of high charity which seen the betrayal of the elites and the infection of the flood on the Capitol of the covenant the biggest battle of the human covenant war is the battle of reach which the covenant fleet was 3 times the size of the fleet that attack earth and the reinforcements that came to aid reach crippled the unsc
Fall of Reach. In halo 2, the admiral said the fleet that attacked Reach was 50 times as big, and there were 15 ships. 15 times 50 = 750
Anything from the Forerunner Flood War, for sure. The sheer amount of stuff thrown at the Flood is OBSURD.
To know the Lore is to know Halo
"Dont be spoiled, dont start a fight. Always be careful, here at night. Because the Spartans might come, in suits that weigh half a ton. And they'll steal from you all you gots, just like they did from Colonel Watts."
Probably something from the Human-Forerunner war period, but in modern Halo I'd have to say the battle for Earth probably

Coolest battle would probably be the battle for Harvest IMO because it was the first encounter of the UNSC with the Covenant
I’m not too invested into the Forerunner stuff, but I would think one of the biggest battles would have involved them and the Flood or humans, or both.
Single largest battle was likely Reach, although the Battle of Earth was also very large. Honorable mention to the entire Harvest Campaign. Five long years...
Ancient Era:
  • Forerunner-Flood War: Battle of the Maginot Sphere. The final battle of the war is arguably the largest in galactic history so far as Mendicant Bias was leading a fleet of 4,802,019 ships of which only 86,436 were warships after the Destruction of the Greater Ark. Meanwhile on the Forerunners side was a grand total of 10,999 ships under the command of Offensive Bias. The Iso-Didact and Offensive Bias knew a conventional victory was impossible against such odds as they were used as a delaying action so the Halo Array could be fired.
Modern Era:
  • Fall of High Charity.
  • Fall of Reach.
  • Reach is arguably the largest battle IMO as the Covenant sent over 300 ships against the UNSC's Epsilson Eridani Fleet and as a battle between the UNSC and the Covenant. I'd argue this is the largest battle between Humans and Covenant species, but if we look at the Fall of High Charity at the height of the Great Schism. This has got to be one of the largest battles as the High Charity Defense Fleet was the largest fleet ever seen according to Cortana and for them to split amongst themselves would be one large battle.
Certainly the battle for the Maginot Sphere
Battle of Reach,

Battle of Earth.

Although I will probably change my mind, after finishing the books.
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