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Can Spartans not run and shoot at the same time?

OP JustAlex1997

Any time sprint as a gameplay mechanic in Halo is brought up, people endlessly parrot the "Spartans can sprint in the books" excuse. I've read a few of the Halo novels, but there's a lot about the expanded universe that I should definitely learn about. So, can Spartans not run and shoot at the same time in the lore? That sounds like a pretty big oversight to me, so how could the UNSC be so stupid after five hundred years of technological advancement?
At the end of the day, Halo is a gaming franchise. Us in the lore community like to joke that the books came first, meaning Halo is a book franchise with games attached (Fall of Reach was released 10 days before CE). But really it is a gaming franchise first and foremost.

With that in mind, it helps to separate certain aspects of game play from the lore. For instance, respawning in campaign is not canonical because no where in the lore does a Spartan die and then respawn at an earlier point in the book. So really, the fact that you can't shoot while sprinting is really just a game play mechanic and not necessarily tied to the lore. Heck the use of sprinting in the games as a whole isn't lore-based to an extent. Spartans can walk, trot, jog, and sprint. So there are more than just two speeds available to Spartans in the lore.

My point here is that sprinting is ultimately just a game play mechanic and nothing more.
The concrete beneath the Spartan had turned to dust and gravel as he launched forward. Barely a half second had passed and he was already 10 meters away...[Palmer] looked up from her boots and saw that his hands were no longer empty-his right hand now held a massive hard-chromed M6D, and a spare magazine was in his left. 8 thunderclaps rang out so fast that they bled together into a single long roar...With one hand at thirty meters and a dead run, two shots apiece, each a hit to the head or neck, what the holy hell are my men even aiming at back there
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Yes, Spartans can absolutely sprint and shoot at the same time. However, short of the entire length of each Halo game being in slow motion, no gamer has the reflexes to remotely simulate what a Spartan is capable of, so game mechanics such as lowered weapon while sprinting are necessary to balance gameplay to make it enjoyable for the largest number of fans, and simulate the experience of being a Spartan Super-soldier as closely as possible.
They definitely can. There is also evidence of this in some of the animated stories. As has been said above, it comes down to separating lore and gameplay since the two can't always get along with each other. For instance, a targeting reticle makes sense for lore and gameplay purposes. But, and I'm going pretty far out on this one to avoid bringing up the sprint argument, having head and eye movement mapped as separate movements don't play nice with a controller. Even though it is pretty unnatural for a person to move their entire body to glance at something 90 degrees to their right, for example, it doesn't make much sense gameplay-wise to do so because it interferes with smooth aiming.
Of course they can. We, the audience, must suspend our belief a little bit to immerse in the gameplay enjoyably. In lore, they obviously can, regardless of a gameplay mechanic.
Hell, Master Chief took a missile in a comic book. There are a lot of things we can't do in the games.
Gameplay must always take precedence :)
Personally i appreciate the sprint in the latest halo.. but also the old halo like reach had some good sprint gameplay... i will trust 343 for infinite. i don't think they will do a shame like the lore of halo reach ahah
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(Chief, Kelly and Fred proceed to sprint down a hallway mulching Covenant soldiers by the dozens)

Yeah, they can sprint and shoot at the same time.
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They can with that armor mod that does exactly that.