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Canon Fodder 11-16-15: Fifty Caliber

OP GrimBrother One

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This week, we celebrate Canon Fodder's 50th issue with new Universe content, a peek inside Halo 5: Guardians' development, and more!

Read more here...

On a personal note, I wanted to give a special thanks to this specific corner of the Halo community. Your passion and support for features like this is absolutely wonderful, and makes us always push ever harder to deliver awesome content for you guys to explore, enjoy, and yes, even argue about. ;-) Here's to many more...


ONI Files are awesome! Often times I'd forget and remember them at a moment's notice.
Thanks for doing these Grim, they are always an interesting and informative read.
Thank you so much! I anticipate every new drop of information!
Another great CF Grim, looking forward to the next additions for the ONI files.
Amazing fodder this week! With Argent Moon getting an article, I have to ask, why does it look like a giant battle rifle?
Yay! Happy 50th Grim!
Thanks for the article and 50 weeks (OMG!) of awesome content! Canon Fodder is the first thing I look for after I get out of classes and back to my dorm on Fridays, and I think I speak for everybody here when I say that we are very, very thankful for it.

On a different note, I'm still waiting for that info on the new Covie ship classes you teased not too long ago, really looking forward to that.
Was eagerly awaiting #50 and it doesn't disappoint! Thanks for showering the community with lore tidbits! Thanks for the Truth and Reconciliation section now and then that adds missing pieces to multi-year-old puzzles! This stuff is gold!
Thank you Grim. These Canon Fodders are a highlight of my week.
Very nice ONI files, having all those little extras put together is nice.
Damn, that Shinobi armor is badass!
Turns on Grunt Birthday Party Skull

Happy 50th birthday old timer!--- oh, Canon Fodder. 50th Canon Fodder. Right. CONGRATS!

Seriously though, these have a great read each and every time, expanding on the vastest universe of lore I know. It's difficult to create even a decent story where the main way you present it is through first-person shooting. And Halo has done a damn find job, and continues to.

This special edition of Canon Fodder brought something to my attention, and gave me insight to something I always wondered.
If you ever wish to experience madness, get involved in a naming discussion for a massive project. There will be whiteboards covered in candidates, and email threads that go on for days as every person in every department from game design to consumer products has an opinion on why every name is wrong except the one they like.
I had always wondered how creators settled on names for characters, and how the process went. Must be even more maddening when the characters are going to be staples in a worldwide franchise. Now... how exactly does the team finally settle on a name? Straw poll? Pin the blamite on the whiteboard? Show of hands? The way the name rolls off the tongue as you desperately shout their name to come REVIVE ME GOSH DARN IT STOP JUST STARING AT ME TANAKA PLEASE I NEED PICKED UP-- *gakblargh*

Anyway, we all appreciate your time and effort that goes into these Grim. Keep it up. :)
Any chance we can keep having Reed back every week for more and more insight into the game's story and direction? Learning about Osiris's development was pretty cool.
Ouch, really smarts that Palmer was so close to being a member of Osiris. She's a great addition to the cast, and I was really hoping I could fight alongside her in Halo 5. Ah, well! Maybe next time.
It's too bad Thorne was cut from the team. I mean, Buck's a way better choice, but it would've been cool to fit Thorne in someone else's spot.
Fantastic! I could listen to Reed talk about development for hours.

My favorite part of the universe is the incredible tales of bravery in the face of impossible odds.
Heres hoping for 50 more
Thanks for managing my favorite part of waypoint Grim!
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