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Canon Fodder 11-16-15: Fifty Caliber

OP GrimBrother One

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Happy 50th ! Thanks for feeding the lore nut inside of me.
I was actually wondering about the Marathon class cruiser in Halo 2 earlier today, crazy how I saw it being answered here. MJOLNER is my favorite part of halo fiction. Hopefully I win.
Yay, i can finally read the Halo 3 terminals. one thing, something weird is going on with the LETTER FROM TRUTH TO MERCY ABOUT REGRET, the words are all messed up.
The story of Osiris actually begins with Fireteam Majestic, because in a nearby parallel universe, they are the stars of Halo 5.
Majestic would've helped the story a little bit. They should've kept them in.
As Creative Director Tim Longo came onboard, and the story of Master Chief and Cortana developed, it became clear that Majestic was the wrong team to send into the field for this mission.
So wait, a new guy came in and said, "no,no, no, let's use this team im going to create"?
The first big and permanent change to the team came when we hit on the idea of Meridian being a glassed planet outside of the UNSC’s jurisdiction. We wanted someone who could act as our window into that world, and replaced Palmer (who was needed elsewhere in the Halo 5 story anyway) with Spartan Song. Her history started as “grew up outside the UNSC” and came to include her surviving the glassing of her home world.
So you created a spartan to spend 2 stages mentioning random factoids about colony life that played no part at all in the overall story?
This sounds like some expanded universe decision rather than a story decision for the game.
Discovered aboard a derelict freighter in Lacaille 9352, SHINOBI armor has no known manufacturer or intended user.
This again? Randomly found somewhere so let's use it!
BTW, why would they call it after Ninjas when it looks like Samurai armor?
No thank YOU. #CannonFodder is awesome
I look forward to these every week. Thank you, and happy 50th, Grim :)
This week, we celebrate Canon Fodder's 50th issue with new Universe content, a peek inside Halo 5: Guardians' development, and more!

Read more here...

On a personal note, I wanted to give a special thanks to this specific corner of the Halo community. Your passion and support for features like this is absolutely wonderful, and makes us always push ever harder to deliver awesome content for you guys to explore, enjoy, and yes, even argue about. ;-) Here's to many more...

Happy 50th! I just want to say thank you very much for taking the time to write these amazing articles on the Halo universe. I can't tell you how exciting they are to read. In fact, Canon Fodder is my inspiration to continue writing my Halo theory articles, in which I don't think I would ever have the passion to do so if it were not reflected by your passion and 343i's passion of the Halo Universe. Speaking of Halo theories, I know I said I would release an article two weeks ago, but personal events have set that back. However, in my thanks to you and 343i for an amazing effort with Cannon Fodder and in Celebration of #50, I will release my next issue this Friday.

Again, Thank You for such an amazing series and Contribution to the Franchise!

Happy 50th! You are the bomb!
Here's to the next two, and the next fifty-two after that!
Thanks Grim for giving us this each week. I eagerly anticipate it, keeping an eye out for when the new one shows up.

Interesting to see Conversations from the Universe posted on here. This means the Sharquoi are still canon, despite the fact we know absolutely nothing about them. I also look forward to seeing that DECIMATOR armor. I'm curious to know if this armor is only closely related to Mark VII technologically speaking, or will it look like a proper evolution of the Mark VI armor aesthetically? I suppose that would be hard to do since our only look at Mark VII is an armor made to look like Mark V(B), but it seems like there should be a "base" model design that could be used.

Another armor I'd like to see added to this game is this piece of Fred-104 concept art. Personally I think he should have looked like that in the game, but it would make for an interesting Spartan-IV design. Perhaps something like OPTIO-class or BENEFICIARIUS-class?

Optio: One per Century as second-in-command to the Centurion
Beneficiarius: A soldier performing an extraordinary task such as military policing or a special assignment.
I can't wait for the next. Thanks for all of the great lore!
I feel like the Guardians of Halo were smiling down upon us when Thorne's actor couldn't make it. We really didn't need another Cardboard Cutout.
50 Cannon Fodders in and I still await the next one like it is Christmas, I hope to see many, many more Cannon Fodders in the months and years to come, and I'm so happy that we have someone as lore savvy as Grim at the helm! Here's to another plentiful 50 Cannon Fodders to come!
Happy 50th!
Thank you, Grim and everyone else at 343i that makes these weekly Canon Fodders possible! :)

I've appreciated all the little lore and informational tidbits ( some of which aren't so little ) over the weeks that we've been given, as well as some of the creative processes and minds behind some of my favorite things to read, watch, and hear about for almost the last 15 years. I can't wait to see future CF articles and I hope it continues for many more weeks to follow.
Does that mean we have had 50 pun titles. I can't believe how many that is.
Awesome its finally out. :D #CanonFodder
A cool Canon Fodder. Fireteam Osiris was one of my favorite parts of the game and while I would have loved to see Thorne in the game, precisely for the reasons Reed mentioned, I think using Buck was a good choice to replace him. Can't wait to see more of them and maybe some new stuff with Majestic down the line. You've got the squad mechanics now, refine them and continue to use them.

I will say, and I'm not trying to sound like a jerk who wants to ruin everybody's fun, but I would have liked to see something about Cortana's development in Halo 5. I've seen many a discussion about her, possible links in past lore to foreshadow her turn antagonism, but I think some words from the team would finally make things clear. Reed's statements make it appear the stuff about Cortana was in from the get-go, though it still seems like the Didact was initially the baddie since he so seamlessly fits in when replaced with Cortana. Still, if she was there from the get-go, the result was a bit slap-dash if I can be honest. You had the Catalog post from last year about the Mantle's Approach going into slipspace, but no indication of that in Halo 4 itself, so that seems like a retcon. Then we hear she found the Domain in slipspace, but the Intel on Genesis suggests she is fixing it. It is a bit of a mess. I'm kinda hoping insight into the development process might shed some light on a few things. Frankie has made some comments suggesting that there is something those of us turned off by what happens missed, but it comes off as very condensending.

“But my hopes for the future of the universe are that we can tell a realistic story. I saw a complaint online, somebody had been reading spoilers, they hadn’t played the game, and they said ‘Why is this character evil?’ And my question back to them is, ‘What makes you say they’re evil?’ Certainly a lot of our younger players are going to struggle with that subtlety, that nuance, because they’re expecting Darth Vader.”
I think his initial comment about judging a game before it releases is a fair one, but to assume it is younger fans who essentially don't get it comes off badly in my opinion since I'm willing to bet a lot of people are much older than he expects. We can handle stories with subtly and nuance and form our own opinions. So if there is something some of us don't see I'd love to be educated. I mean, when I saw this on NeoGAF:

Don't sell Cortana short. She's "cured." She thinks in chunks of 10,000 years. She's not going to twirl her mustache any time soon. She even sacrificed her personal feelings for chief for a greater good she not only believes in, but is better qualified than us to see. At least on paper.
It seems like he wants to have his morally gray storyline without actually wanting to put much effort behind it. It comes across as telling us what to feel about Cortana as opposed to laying out the details and letting fans decide what to think after consuming the media. I don't mean to beat up on him, I do appreciate him being vocal, but like I said I think a look into her development process in Halo 5 would be great. It really is the one thing that bugs me and prevents me from loving the campaign.
Any chance we can keep having Reed back every week for more and more insight into the game's story and direction? Learning about Osiris's development was pretty cool.
This. Pls Grim.
Amazing. I just helped that elite in the campaign. Who knew this awesome Easter egg was canon!!
Hmmm well Folks this is one great article. Link this with other sources and well we pretty much have the important majority of the Halo 5 Story development now.

Now these ONI files. For many curious. My Halo Story and where to find it thread below has many of the original sources, or as much as the fans recorded on Halopedia. So you might like to see them.

Guess I can use that section instead of using Halopedia for many things also. Which is a great load off my back. So thanks Grim
Regarding the bit about Kitun 'Arach, my headcanon is that the Sangheili within the holding pen in Exuberant Witness' zoo is the same individual. The Sangheilios Guardian may have dragged the burning remains of his ship through the slipspace portal.

Also, a part of me is hoping that the mystery behind SHINOBI armor is never explained in canon... same with Void Dancer (though I have a thought that the tech in Void Dancer comes from that mysterious species in the HCEA terminals - the non-Reaper not-bears).

Loosely conceptualized by Dr. Halsey as early as 2535 CE, the Mk. VII never saw full production due to its complexity and expense. The Mk.VII featured limited energy shield shaping and an advanced nanotechnology repair suite.
So does that mean that GEN2 has this as well, if only a 'cheaper' version of such?

The Argent Moon article is odd. It blew up with enough force to obliterate the entire Covenant fleet surrounding it, and yet there was still wreckage left over from the actual station? And:
Although the Moon’s shipboard AI was irreparably damaged when the station exploded,
The mission intel for the level implies - if not outright states - that the station AI terminated itself to comply with the UNSC's anti-Rampancy protocols, as it 'felt' itself slipping into said state, more than a month before the Kig-Yar discovered Argent Moon.
Also, that bioweapon is insanely scary. You drop that on some colony world somewhere in Sangheili (for example) space (what would be considered one of the 'inner' bands of 'Outer Colony'-equivalents), and just watch as constant travel between planets spreads it around. I am, of course, assuming that it's quite virulent, and will continue to spread even without more being added into the target environment.

Once it reaches a certain level of infection, the activation agent is released and... 24-hour (at most) depopulation across multiple systems (deployment of the agent would be incredibly easy - slipspace in, drop off a canister, slipspace out - and the agent does not need to be deployed as much as a full bioweapon would need to be, just enough to mix with the air and activate a small portion of the bioweapon - and from there, it chain-reacts with everything else that's infected). Possibly even complete eradication of local fauna, depending on if it infects animals too (I see no reason why it shouldn't).

By the way, where does one go to ask the questions that have a chance to be answered in the next Canon Fodder? Cause I have [one].
Amazing fodder this week! With Argent Moon getting an article, I have to ask, why does it look like a giant battle rifle? did I not see that at first?
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