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[Locked] Catalog Interaction

OP Catalog

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Query: What is the status of Randall-037?
Query: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
Query: Have the Precursors and the Flood always been one and the same, or has one become the other?
Answered in SIlentium. The Precursors reduced themselves to the mutagenic organic molecules that could rebuild their old bodies. The Primordial was either a trigger and it took too long to summon them, or they just took to long to drift. The powder decayed, the reproduction of Precursor bodies produced Graveminds instead. The Primordial/dozen or so combined precursors decided this was just swell and rolled with it. So the Precursors mutated into the Flood after 10 million years of decay to their proto-precursor-powder
Query: What can you tell us about Spartan Gabriel Thorne?
Query: Did SPARTAN-IIs Carris-137 or Joseph-122 survive augmentation?
Not sure if someone has asked this yet, it's getting kinda hard to keep up so sorry if this is spam.

Query: What can Catalog tell us about the project designated JAVELIN?
Query: Catalog would I interest you in a story game? If interested continue from my point onwards.
Story start: I am walking though a barren Dessert. I encounter a tall mysterious hooded person.
Greetings Catalog, I have several queries pertaining the relevant technical details regarding the Forerunners themselves.

As a member of the former ecumene I'm hoping that you can assist in this capacity:

Query: Prior to their conflict with the Flood the archived testimony of the IsoDidact recorded by a member of the Catalog rate informs us that the Forerunners expanded to three million worlds, but what was the population of the entire ecumene combined at her peak?

Query: During his report to the ecumene council, Contender-class Ancilla Mendicant Bias informs us that the fleet retained the capacity to force a premature stellar collapse; by what method was this achieved?

Query: What is the peak vacuum energy absorption of Forerunner vacuum energy reactors per [cm2]?

Query: The Catalog unit discovered on Shield World 006 designated as Forerunner remains #879 reveals that during their conflict with the Flood the Forerunners utilized a warship known as a Harrier, what other technical details can you reveal about this vessel class?

Query: During their incursion upon Shield World 0459, invading Covenant forces activated multiple Forerunner vessels docked within the interior for the purpose of annihilating the human population. What was the classification of these vessels?
Shortly after the destruction of installation 04, Monitor 343 Guilty Spark encounters a band of stranded Covenant forces. The conversation concludes with Guilty Spark remarking...
"oh my, you're people have grown so dramatic over the last 100,000 years. But please, no more deaths are required. We will need all the forces we can muster if the flood escape the destruction of my installation. I must speak to your commander immediately."

Low priority query: Does Catalog possess or have access to data of ancient Sangheili culture, allegiance, achievements or ambitions? Anything really.

[Guilty Spark certainly does (just saying)]

This reclaimer makes only one request and awaits your response.
Query: What is the name of the faction led by [Macto cognatus] [Thel 'Vadam]?

Query: When did the engagements of [Draetheus V] and [X50] take place between the [UNSC] and [Macto cognatus] [Merg 'Vol]'s faction?
Wait everyone stop asking queries. I just looked and I mean Catalog went back and answered one in his last post from back on page 4. Meaning I think we should wait. If that is alright with everyone.

I think the queries we gave it will keep it going for awhile. :)
Query: What is the status of Maria- 062?
Query: What is the status of Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Edward Buck?
Query: Can [Catalog] provide data on the SPARTAN-II killed by the [macto cognatus] Ustaf 'Nbekee in 2531?

Query: Can [Catalog] recover information on the members of SPARTAN-II splinter team Omega, present during the Battle of Arcadia, February 9, 2531.

Query: Can [Catalog] supply the status of Ignatio Delgado after his enlistment in 2535.
Query: What company was Spartan-III commando Thom-293 [ref. Deliver Hope] a part of (Alpha, Beta, or Gamma)?

Query: What is the status of Spartan-III commando Rosenda-344?

Query: What company was Spartan-III commando Rosenda-344 a part of (again, Alpha, Beta, or Gamma)?

Query: Do queries that don't get answered right away go in some sort of data base for possible answering at a later date?
Query: What are the average crew sizes of pre-Reclaimer conflict UNSC vessels? More specifically, the crew sizes of Charon, Stalwart and Paris class frigates?
Query: Where are Sangheili, Dural 'Mdama and Avu Med 'Telcam during 2558... and where is the Servants Of Abiding Truth.
Query: Some individuals have jumped to the conclusion that 05-032 Mendicant Bias was destroyed when Installation 04b fired prematurely in 2552. Is this true or false?

Query: Does Jul 'Mdama have access to all of the Promethean Knights created during the 'New Phoenix Incident'?
Query: What was Nolan Byrne's cause of death?

Query: Was Nolan Byrne part of the ORION Project?
Query: In the mission of Spartan Ops known as "The Search for Halsey", the words "to the Absolute Record" are heard from the Librarian moments before an enormous data stream exits Requiem.

Was this data stream the Librarian leaving Requiem?
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